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Banner Fort Collins Medical Center in Fort Collins, Colorado is a full-service, acute-care hospital offering emergency care, orthopedics, general surgery, women's ...

Banner Fort Collins Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Larimer County, CO.

Banner Fort Collins Medical Center does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Banner Fort Collins Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Friday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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7/5/2018 I drank a bit to much on the 4th. I went into Banner Health on the following mourning unable to hold down water. The staff where really nice and accommodating however. My treatment is a different story, my procedures included checking my weight, blood pressure and oxygen levels. They then gave me a pill to calm my nausea. Two glasses of apple juice, one glass of water and one ginger ale. On the way out the door they informed me that they did not accept my insurance and gave me a $2560 bill. Best I can see there is nothing with my procedures that supports a bill that high. I will not be going back to this place and will be telling everybody I can to STAY AWAY. (2 weeks ago)

The service was the best I have ever seen! No waiting, plenty of staff even on a weekend, very kind and attentive, my wife had emergency shoulder and upper arm surgery , the doctor's worked hard to explain everything thoroughly and acted quickly. Spent the night and never saw such a new, modern and beautiful facility. (a month ago)

Back in November I went to a Health Care Clinc in Ft. Collins. My Doctor Lisa Myers was concerned enough she told me to go straight to the Banner ER off Harmony. She said she would call ahead so they knew I was coming. When I arrived at Banner ER I asked the receptionist if they took our insurance? We have Blue Cross Blue Shield. Her response was Yes I think we do?!? (That should have sent red flags up). She then scanned all my information and I immediately got back to see the doctor because my doctor Lisa Myers had called ahead. They did an MRI told me I had a bulging disc and gave me some heavy medication, then sent me on my way. It was only as we were leaving we were informed that they DON’T accept Blue Cross Blue Shield. 😡😡😡 If I would’ve found this out at the beginning of my visit, I just would’ve gone to another hospital 5 minutes away! I drove there, I can dive somewhere else! I assumed that the Health Care Clinic I went to, who took and accepted my insurance would sent me to a hospital ER that would also do the same. BOY WAS I WRONG! (You should never assume things like this apparently.) We have been fighting this for MONTHS now. All the people at Banner have totally been giving us the run around. “Oh you need to talk to this person.... oh you need to talk to that person.” And so on and so forth. This has been a NIGHTMARE! We were just informed today there’s nothing more they can do and we have to pay over $3,000 dollars!!!! All because they LIED to us! Please, PLEASE DO NOT go to this ER! (3 months ago)

This hospital operates immorally. They do not ask for your insurance card when checking you in, and I did not question that as I always go to banner and they have always take my Blue cross federal insurance and should ( ithought) have me in the system! Everyone from the receptionist checking us in, to the nurse , to the doctor, was all a weird experience. We waited over an hour for a strep culture. We were the ONLY people in the ER that morning. You have to be buzzed out, and while checking out THEN they ask for insurance and inform me that they do not take blue cross blue shield. Which is why they did not ask me originally. Worst hospital experience ever. BEWARE (a month ago)

Rude nurse, uncaring doc. Really disappointed in how far this hospital has fallen. 2 yrs ago it was amazing. The severely mistreatwdy wife last night. (a month ago)

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