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Banner Fort Collins Medical Center in Fort Collins, Colorado is a full-service, acute-care hospital offering emergency care, orthopedics, general surgery, women's ...

Banner Fort Collins Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Larimer County, CO.

Banner Fort Collins Medical Center does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Banner Fort Collins Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Back in November I went to a Health Care Clinc in Ft. Collins. My Doctor Lisa Myers was concerned enough she told me to go straight to the Banner ER off Harmony. She said she would call ahead so they knew I was coming. When I arrived at Banner ER I asked the receptionist if they took our insurance? We have Blue Cross Blue Shield. Her response was Yes I think we do?!? (That should have sent red flags up). She then scanned all my information and I immediately got back to see the doctor because my doctor Lisa Myers had called ahead. They did an MRI told me I had a bulging disc and gave me some heavy medication, then sent me on my way. It was only as we were leaving we were informed that they DON’T accept Blue Cross Blue Shield. 😡😡😡 If I would’ve found this out at the beginning of my visit, I just would’ve gone to another hospital 5 minutes away! I drove there, I can dive somewhere else! I assumed that the Health Care Clinic I went to, who took and accepted my insurance would sent me to a hospital ER that would also do the same. BOY WAS I WRONG! (You should never assume things like this apparently.) We have been fighting this for MONTHS now. All the people at Banner have totally been giving us the run around. “Oh you need to talk to this person.... oh you need to talk to that person.” And so on and so forth. This has been a NIGHTMARE! We were just informed today there’s nothing more they can do and we have to pay over $3,000 dollars!!!! All because they LIED to us! Please, PLEASE DO NOT go to this ER! (a month ago)

I have been with banner for a couple years now. I have had a baby with them and they have been wonderful. Their team is great to work with, super responsive and I can always get in the same day for an appointment if my little one is sick. We have also had to use the emergency room a couple of times and there is almost no waiting which is amazing. I highly recommend banner. I also think that people are either going to have a great experience with a medical facility or a poor one. You have to know going into the Banner system that it is a closed loop and to go into any medical practice with patience and respect and you typically get that back :-) I love our doctors at Banner Fort Collins Dr. Schutte and Dr. Carleson. I highly recommend them and their team. (3 months ago)

Don't waste your money here. I went in because I suspected I had the flu. The front desk staff was cold and unfriendly. When I saw the doctor, Jenna Gantner, she discovered I simply had the common cold. Her response was "Sorry dude there's nothing I can do". Our whole interaction was about 2-3minutes. When I left the room she ignored my passing while playing on her cell phone. It was a very unprofessional scene. For 3 minutes of doctor interaction with nothing accomplished but taking my pulse rate and blood pressure, I was charged $517. $517 for procedures anyone can do in their home. Ridiculous is an understatement. I will never utilize this facility again and judging by similar reviews, you should consider that also. (3 months ago)

Although our nurse was amazing the front staff lady was not. I was not ok with my children having to sit out in the waiting room and my husband being judged. Honestly, I probably won't be returning to this emergency room. (2 months ago)

I am currently pregnant and let me say the doctors and nurses are so rude an made me feel uncomfortable every time I went in.I felt constant judgement and also could over hear nurses bashing not only myself but other patients.Ive never been so uncomfortable and I don’t feel comfortable with these people delivering my child.Only people that were kind were the receptionist they were all smiles and kind but the nurses and doctors I could never imagine going back because of them! Always make your own judgment but I was truly mistreated. (3 months ago)

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