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Banner Estrella Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona provides you with an excellent patient experience, unsurpassed in clinical quality and service.

Banner Estrella Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Maricopa County, AZ.

Banner Estrella Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Banner Estrella Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Very disrespectful staff. Manager has no morals. If you don't like your job then quit!! You think people would actually want to take the day off just to go spend 4hours in the waiting room. I thought when you took this job it was to help others, not judge them by their cover. If everyone just stop being judgemental they would know my boyfriend is not Mexican, he's native. Don't judge someone by their appearances. Racist is what I call this. (in the last week)

I love the hospital, and the doctors, nurses, etc. However, myself and my family do not like to be told lies by the doctors. Tell us what is wrong, We are strong, we can take it. Don't just tell us it's an infection, then later find out exactly what kind of infection it is. Be up front. Nothing worse than being lied to by someone you expect to trust. (3 weeks ago)

Zero stars if I could. My father is in ICU I am his daughter n medical decision helper/ maker. I have a 18 month grandson. I do not have any family or friends that I would trust or want him to be watched by. N now I'm not allowed in the ICU to be with my father. Bc of germs. (2 weeks ago)

I gave birth to my son here. The delivery nurse and my doctor were awesome during labor. After delivery, things went south. The next nurses to care for me and my son were rude and cold. I was not producing milk and my son was crying for hours due to being hungry. One nurse told me to just try and make him suckle for 15 minutes and still I was not producing any milk. An hour had past since my son was birthed and I had to keep pleading for the nurse to bring me a bottle because I was not producing. She told me she would go to lunch first and bring it to me after her break. Finally I peaked out into the hall and asked a random nurse if she would be kind enough to help me and she provided me formula within 5 minutes of my request. As I was feeding my son, the other nurse walked in and had the nerve to ask who had given me formula. Also when I was getting ready to check out of the hospital the nurse kept asking me if I had any other clothes for my son as he was wearing the one piece provided by the hospital since the outfit I brought for him had gotten spit up on. When I said no, she walked away annoyed. this being my first child, I was unsure if I had properly strapped him in his car seat and asked the nurse if I he was secure enough. She didn't say anything and continued to watch as I tried to get it right. when I went to pick up the car seat with my son in it she shooed me aside and tightened my son's straps without a word. It really made me feel like I was a burden. Seemed like the nurse was having a bad week and taking it out on her patient. Delivery nurse and Doctor get 5 stars. The nurses after them, horrible hospitality. This was in July of 2016. Didn't bother to leave a review about it then but don't want any other mamas getting treated that way. (4 months ago)

I went to Banner Estrella ER on 11/4/16. I was throwing up so violently that I burst a blood vessel in my esophagus. They did blood work and told me they had no idea why my white blood count was high. When I saw my regular doctor 6 days later it took her all of 5 seconds when she saw my blood work to determine that I had an infection, probably bladder, due to other elevations in my blood work. It was confirmed with a urine sample. My doctor was shocked that they didn't see that and wanted to know if I actually saw a doctor while I was there. They insisted on a urine sample at Banner Estrella and it was still sitting on my bedside table when I was released with a prescription for nausea. They never even checked the urine sample. In the meantime, my infection continued to get worse until it was properly diagnosed causing me problems for months after. They did get the severe nausea under control before releasing me. Banner Estrella hospital is 1/2 a mile from my house and I will never go there again for anything. (a month ago)

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