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Banner Casa Grande Medical Center in Casa Grande, Arizona provides quality health care to the Casa Grande Valley and surrounding areas in a caring and compassionate ...

Banner Casa Grande Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Pinal County, AZ.

Banner Casa Grande Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Banner Casa Grande Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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So glad I chose to give birth here! The facility was great and the people were amazing! They have everything to make you comfortable during labor including great cheerleaders aka nurses. Everyone went above and beyond for ALL our needs (a month ago)

What a nightmare. I was seen at the emergency room, I waited and waited after finally being seen I was told I needed to stay overnight for observation. Knowing I could not afford this, I told the doctor I needed to be discharged. I was basically threatened by the doctor, he said if I did not follow his medical advice, my insurance company could refuse to pay. My total bill to the hospital not including attending physicians costs was nearly $20,000. Although I had Medicare, I was sent a bill for nearly $500 ironically, Banner Hospital is a nonprofit, the have a charity program. If I had no insurance, and made less than $145,000, they would absorb the cost of my bill. I have reached out to banner trying to get some help. I'm at poverty level, and simply don't have the money to pay this bill. I was deneied. Reviewing my bill, I noticed several errors. I contacted banner requesting an audit. Months later I had not receive an itemized Statement for charges. When I did finally receive the review, it was just a list of charges without description. I have made numerous attempts to arrange a payment plan. Recently, I was turned over to a collection agency. I was told I need to make payments of $50 a month for the next 10 months. I explained that was simply not possible I did not have the funds. I offered to make payments of $10 a month until my account was paid out. I was told that was not acceptable. I have been dealing with this nonsense since March 2017. At this point, I am contacting the attorney general as well as Medicare and filing a grievance. I also was charged an extra hundred dollars by the attending ER physician. The charges listed after hour service, (10pm-8am) I was not admitted to the hospital after 10:00 PM I arrive much earlier. My records indicated I arrive at 10:45 PM I was discharged @ 1151pm that same night. My records are completely incorrect. I was not discharged until the following morning. Inaccurate records, fraudulent charges, Zero customer service or help resolving issues. I am exasperated by my experience from start to finish. My advice, unless your injuries are life-threatening, go to a hospital in Phoenix. (2 months ago)

A nightmare! Took my 15 month old here and waited nearly 3 hours before even being seen by a PA by the name of Michael Jackson. The hospital atmosphere is comparable to a 3rd world country.(yes I would know I’ve live outside the US for many years in the past) My baby girl was having such extreme fits of coughing, she could not sleep or even breathe. I do admit, once I took her in she coughed rarely, but I wouldn’t go to the ER, especially with such a horrible environment for nothing. I believe based on looking at her the PA made up his mind she was fine, but I knew as a mother and explained to him her demeanor was not normal for over 2 weeks now. Finally after questioning him and his “this is normal, just upper respiratory that is treated with rest and over the counter meds” he was pressed to offer a chest X-ray at which I accepted based on what I read at how walking pneumonia was diagnosed. I then waited another 1 and 1/2 hours for an X-ray. These PA’s and nurses are heartless, giving out narcotics to obvious druggies, which I saw myself, and leaving sick people, even babies to suffer while waiting countless hours! After finally receiving the X rays(from the one nice woman in there) I waited another hour! finally I said something, then a doctor comes to me with the PA telling me indeed, my daughter has pneumonia. The PA did not apologize, acknowledge his doubt in me as a mother, reassure me, nothing! He even told the doctor my baby hadn’t coughed once the whole night after I told him she couldn’t stop coughing at home!!! People know a cough is much worse laying down. Finally, the REAL doctor suggested antibiotics to which I agreed and waited for them to give my child ASAP. I then waited an additional hour and a 1/2 for them to get the medicine with The ER basically empty!!! while my child was crying and screaming from discomfort, bright lights, not being able to sleep etc. Only after confronting them did they attempt to move and the PA was horribly rude telling me, “ if you want your child treated we need to wait for the pharmacy, what do you want me to do!?! Blah blah” while the sat on his butt at a computer. NEVER in my life have I seen such sad health “professionals” unsympathetic, lazy, which such a complete lack of empathy for sick people, in this case a baby!!! I will NEVER return to this disgrace of a hospital and further more, I will warn everyone I can to stay away! I should have driven the extra miles to have my child seen by people who care and have passion to serve the sick. Sad sad place, please stay away! (2 months ago)

We were on vacation and I had to be taken to the ER. This medical center and its staff is a treasure. The staff were all very professional, compassionate and helpful. I would highly recommend this medical center. (4 months ago)

My real name is Kimberley Roskens. I will never have another surgical procedure here at BANNER CG. ever since Banner took over this hospital it has gone down hill tremendously. I had my best friend spend the night with me after a hip replacement and Im glad Sarah witnessed this so called patient care also. The nurses dont care what amount of pain youre in they close your door and let you scream in agony for hours! If Im having a heart attack I wouldnt go back to this hell hole! Please people go to the Valley!!! My next hip is being done in Chandler! Never again go here!! You would have better luck going to see a veterinarian for dogs and cats because I wouldnt leave a stray cat in their care you suck!!!! (2 months ago)

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