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SUN CITY, AZ 85351

Banner Boswell Medical Center in Sun City, Arizona offers a full spectrum of medical services, including cardiology, neurosciences, orthopedics, rehabilitation and ...

Banner Boswell Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Maricopa County, AZ.

Banner Boswell Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Banner Boswell Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Thank you to all who had a hand in me getting better and released in a timely manner from Boswell. I went in with pressure in my chest and difficulty breathing. They expedited my service without me feeling rushed. Everyone appeared to really be concerned for my well being. I appreciate there sincere and compassionate care they provided. I spent the night for observation. They made many checks throughout the night and each with dignity and respect. When I was released it didn't feel like "I gotta get outta here." I didn't feel rushed either and Steve in transport got me to where I wanted in order to exit the hospital. Prior to release all the doctors and nurses checked on me with true professionalism. For a hospital stay, I enjoyed it considering it was a hospital. If and when it's time to visit the hospital again, I will undoubtedly go to Banner Boswell in Sun City. Thank you again Banner Boswell Staff. (2 months ago)

Well, I must say that Banner Boswell Medical Hospital has evidently added themselves to the list of former quality care centers that has now become a mockery of it's former self. The competent doctors are outnumbered by the cowardly, incompetent,arrogant doctors by a 4:1 ratio. I have had 3 good nurses and then 12 not brilliant nurses. The ED team was a dysfunctional farce. I answered scores of questions during my time here. Yes, I know that is necessary when trying to ensure that response is consistent. However, what is truly necessary in order to measure a customer's response is that the doctor's and nurses actually listen to patient responses to ensure understanding. This the vast majority of dr's, nurses, and administrators have proven to be absolutely terrible at. You then have to spend an excessive amount of time correcting them. It is also quite fascinating when you see that they do not productively refer to your prior treatment received to shorten their learning curves. If this organization was serious about being better, they already would be by now. They are only experienced covering their own behinds. Document absolutely everything, as I have done. You will make your lawyer's job so much easier. If the hospital finally reaches out to discuss your concerns now, let them know there is no need. The case has already been filed, and all parties can discuss in that setting. Do not let them con you. Do know give them the benefit of the doubt they did not give you and/or your loved ones. Shortly after discharge in the next day or two, I will follow my own advice and initiate my own legal recourse. Update: My stay at Boswell had to be extended by several more days due an unsuccessful discharge. Less than 30 minutes ago, for the third time in as many days, nurses and assistants walked in on me using the washroom multiple times without having been summoned. I did not pull a chord for assistance, rather they just barged in each time without knocking or checking first. Apparently, trying to humiliate you and strip you of your dignity is all acceptable to them. With a few exceptions, the largest part of the staff at this hospital very short on patient focus and very long on their own hubris, interests, egos, etc. This hospital has been fined/cited previously for sketchy practices. Do not bring your loved one here!!! You can do better and deserve better. (a month ago)

Wonderful experience at this ER. I was seen quickly & dealt with in a professional manner. I was in the ER for a spiderbite. Everyone from the PA & nurses were caring & courteous. I couldn't belive it when the Doc came in as well. Dr. Peters was very kind, explained what needed to happen & was patient with me as I had several questions. 5 star service all the way. Thank you to the entire ER team. I was admitted for several days & although not a place anyone enjoys being for any period of time, I was treated with great care & kindness. The nursing staff are exceptional here. I had two docs that came in each day & covered where we are, what the treatment plan is & how it will be executed. Amazing, proficient, competent staff. The food was excellent & you actually get a choice! Thank you to the enire staff at Banner Boswell & keep up the good work. More hospitals could learn from this model facility. 5 stars (a month ago)

They completely forgot about me in the ER and I do mean completely forgot about me. My urine test was sitting in front of me for an hour and a half before a nurse came back to check on it to see if they could give me pain medication. Come to find out later, it's because no one was ever assigned to my case so I sat in the ER for 10 hours because they broke protocol. After being admitted because my neurologist advised them to do so they had me transfer rooms at 3:00am. The nurses were even confused. Apparently that is very odd and never happens. Which my experience agrees with, that has never happened at any other hospital I've been admitted at. I transferred rooms 4 times. Why? They told me by back pain was just from laying in the hospital bed. Only after my mother fought with them for hours did anyone look into it at all. Come to find out it was actually a kidney stone. I left with a giant blood clot in my hand from the IV that took two months to go away. Do you think anyone there noticed when they took out my IV, that 'hey, she has a potentially deadly clot?' Of course not. Of course, that would've been asking a lot out of nurses that didn't even always clean my IV before giving my more medication. Thanks for risking my health to save yourself a few seconds. By far, the worst hospital I've ever dealt with on all levels. (3 months ago)

My spouse and I have been patients out and in at Banner Boswell and Banner Del Webb and we are so grateful for the wonderful care each of us received at both hospitals. Everyone was caring, patient and warm we tell anyone and everyone that will listen if you want quality care you can go to either of these hospitals and that is what you will receive! (3 months ago)

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