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MESA, AZ 85206

Banner Baywood Medical Center in Mesa, Arizona is deeply committed to providing the highest quality of clinical care along with an excellent patient care experience.

Banner Baywood Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Maricopa County, AZ.

Banner Baywood Medical Center does not have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Banner Baywood Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I unfortunately had to go to Banner Baywood Medical Center yesterday around 9:35 pm, for chest pain & to my left arm pit. I say unfortunately, because I dislike going to the hospital or seeing doctors. But this evening into the early morning, I experienced a magical treatment from this medical team as they call it at Banner Baywood. From the bottom of my heart, which turn out okay, except for the low heart rate. Dr. Fulton, RN - Michael, Tech's Heath and Williams, and RN Mgr - Geri, I thank you personally from my heart! For the superb outstanding professional respect and courtesy that you great people displayed to me, and as I was able to hear also, how you treated every patients with the same respect as you treated me. This team of Dr. Fulton, Michael, Heath, Williams and Geri, went beyond the standards of their professional duty as a doctor, nurse, or tech, they showed genuine care for their patients. I thank you all for that. God bless you all, Banner Baywood Medical Center, should be very proud that they have you Dr. Fulton, Michael, Heath, Williams and Geri, as great employees with that kind of care working for them! I'm sure if your superior team is like that, then the whole staff are as well. However, I witnessed Dr. Fulton, Michael, Heath, Williams and Geri, with my own eyes & ears! Thank you again awesome team! Mr. Dennis Dickey. (in the last week)

Everyone was so friendly and caring. I had surgery on 4/17/18 and I had no problems with any staff, Drs , nurses, cnas, aides or anyone. 5+++ stars given. Myself and my companion were treated with the utmost respect and care that I have ever been given in a hospital. Kudos to Banner Baywood and All staff. Thank you all for making my staff a non stressful one. My night nurse Gabriel he was amazing and kind with a very warm giving spirit. Thank you so much. (3 weeks ago)

Went in for a concussion, 1st question was what medication I have taken, I said none. Then was asked what Medication I wanted??? I said none. And then was asked then why are you here... because I have a head injury and want to be sure nothing more is wrong with my brain?? I was treated like a drug seeker, like an addict looking to get pills. I dont take pain medication, not even to deliver babies. This PA was so rude and so incapable of caring for a patient I left. Ive never been so insulted. (2 months ago)

Went in with back issues. Was there for about seven hours. Asked for a pillow and blanket and NEVER got a pillow!!! How hard can it be to have a pillow for your bed! 3-4hrs of being in the room the girl who does the insurance check in went and got me a blanket because my teeth were chattering, but still NO PILLOW Waited 4 hours to be helped to the bathroom. Left hospital throwing up and had to set down in the waiting room do I wouldn't pass out on the floor from pain. They were going to admit me for pain management nut after the ER experience there was no way I would stay there. They NEVER did get my pain under control. I did call to complain of the absolute worst care and they said they would investigate what happened, guess what...... Nothing and CHARGED me for this!!!!! (2 weeks ago)

I was feeling really weird ( having chest pains) I decided that I really needed to seek medical attention. So my wife and I got in the car and drove to Banner Maywood, upon entering the emergency room in a frantic state. I was greeted by 2 nurses (male with glasses and female with dark hair) who saw that I really needed some immediate attention. Seeing as though I thought I might be dying I was irritated with the registration process but looking back I realize that it was thier calmness and professionalism that helped ease my anxiety. I felt like I was the only one acting crazy so I was forced to relax. I felt like they really cared and were very attentive, by the time I made it to the back to my room (which was not long) I was greeted by Erin, she was a real angel. She made everything seem like it was gonna be okay. Her smile, great personality and funny sense of humor almost made me forget where I was. It really matters when the person that your relying on in your most venerable moments, being scared and clueless can make such an amazing difference. I will never forget that experience, one because I thought I was going to die and two because I knew that I was in the best possible hospital with the best possible staff. I would also like to mention the other great members of the staff ( technician Garrett and Dr. Kevin Stavridis) All were more than awesome. I pray that I am never in that situation again but if I am I hope I wind up at Banner Baywood with my new Healthy Heart Family. (in the last week)

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