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Get top-quality, comprehensive health care and medical specialty services at Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center in Sioux Falls, SD.

Avera Mckennan Hospital & University Health Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Minnehaha County, SD.

Avera Mckennan Hospital & University Health Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Avera Mckennan Hospital & University Health Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I've been in Sioux Falls and have gone to Avera different times. Sometimes I'll get answers, most of the time I waste my money and time. Im finding Sanford gives the best care. And has the best docs, in my opinion. (a month ago)


While Avera has many flaws as do most facilities one of the biggest issues they have results from truly negligent/lazy providers such as Dr Felicia Armstrong. I write this review to hopefully protect someone and/or loved ones from care that could cost them their life! Literally Dr. Armstrong is a poor excuse for a doctor and Avera should really evaluate having her associated with them in any capacity if they value their patients! (see other reviews from other patient and family members on the internet absolutely disgusting that this women has a license to care for people!). Her knowledge level is below optimal and she has absolutely poor bedside manner. When she documents and talks to patient she belittles them, as well as their family members. She doesn’t complete full assessments and documents otherwise. She doesn’t even evaluate before discharge and when nurses call her with concerns she does not address them leading to the nursing staff having to call other providers and charge nurses to assist with issues that she as the provider should be handling. As a nurse myself I have never been around or witnessed such poor care by a provider absolutely no excuse for this doctor or her lack of knowledge and compassion for patients. In addition to this provider there hospitalist are lacking in pretty much every aspect! Seriously do yourself a favor and go to Sanford or elsewhere. Even with valid medical issues and concerns no interest is taken lazy providers who want easy cases that don’t require work or thought absolutely no morals or ethics when it comes to patient care! After two months in a and out of this hospital for weeks at a time of being admitted just sitting there with worthless hospitalist and nurses who don’t document any of your complaints (throwing up etc) i was finally transferred to another facility and within 24 hours had a diagnosis. New facility even reviewed images that avera marked as unremarkable and found multiple things missed! If you value your health or life or that of your family member go anywhere else!! The only thing avera is good for is making you question medical care! And dont ask any questions to them related to your care of plan or you end up with a psych eval (that shows nothing but waste multiple people’s time) and being told you can just leave since your refusing care despite requiring meds that keep you alive that cannot be done at home seriously horrible! (a month ago)

Brought my dad here with heart issues they took him off all of his medications to find out why he was getting nausea and then he started to drown in his own fluids because of the diuretic they took him off.. My wife had to notice that he was gaining weight while he was not eating since they had not noticed this. Next they were marking on his paperwork that he was eating his meals when he wasn't we had to observe this visibly and Report the nurse to get this fixed We literally watched nurses bring in trays of food that he did not eat and then mark on his paperwork that he ate it and throw the food in the trash. He developed a bedsore in the hospital and they literally told us they couldn't find any antifungal cream for the bed sore that he never should have gotten in the hospital in the first place he came here from a house he walked in on his own and had to be taken out in an ambulance to go to the other Hospital in town where he later died Based on some numbers I don't know how long he would have lived otherwise but I know this Hospital made his last week's of Life absolutely miserable Hopefully it has gotten better since then (6 months ago)

I love love love love LOVE LOVE THIS HOSPITAL AND ER!!!!!! WE HAVE HAD ALL OF OUR CHILDREN THERE! We wouldn't go anywhere else, their Christian values are out of this world, they have an amazing staff and ER, THEY GENUINELY CARE and remember you when you come back! (5 months ago)

One of the best experiences so far and the staff was fantastic at the surgical center. (in the last week)

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