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Aventura Hospital is a full-service, emergency care facility specializing in cancer care and heart and vascular care in Aventura/Miami, FL.

Aventura Hospital And Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Miami-Dade County, FL.

Aventura Hospital And Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Aventura Hospital And Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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This hospital has gone downhill. Please don’t pay attention to the 5 star reviews. The negative reviews are the most accurate. First of all, metal detectors? I get someone walked in with a gun or whatever the case was but this hospital has become so trashy. They care more about remodeling it than hiring nurses and doctors that care about human beings. But when you have horrible management, it falls on to the staff. Doctors who tell you your loved one will die when THEY prescribed the medication to put them in the position they’re in need to not be doctors. Closing down an entire section then saying they don’t have a room to put them in is the biggest lie and to your face is highly disrespectful. No one knows what’s going on. Aventura hospital you need to hire doctors who know how to be compassionate. If you love your family member or friend, take them to a hospital that isn’t all about corporate greed and actually caring. Aventura Hospital, bring back compassion and empathy. You ALL can be in the same position the people you deal with daily are in. (a month ago)

A couple months ago, I hurt my ear and lost my hearing when was playing basketall, then I went to this hospital. Only one nurse received me there was no doctor came to see me, the nurse just asked me a couple of questions and gave me a prescription. They gave me no body test and no medicine but a $2200 dollars medical bill. More ridiculously, they send wrong medical report to my insurance company, told my insurance company that my illness was a minor illness rather an accident injury which will not covered by my insurance policy. I almost lost my hearing from the injury! You guys told my insurance company it was a minor illness??? Then, I went the hospital medical report center, tried to revise the medical report, they told me that they will contact me and make the adjustment within 30 days. It has been almost two months, nobody from the hospital has contacted me. I am so disappointed about this hospital! (4 weeks ago)

Must echo the concerns about very long wait times in ER. Our doctor sent my husband over directly from his office. Since the office was on the grounds he sent us in a golf cart run by the hospital. He called ahead to prescribe treatment for severe dehydration. Hours later we were still sitting in ER with no treatment. When they finally looked at him they decided he needed to be admitted. Five days and thousands of dollars later he was discharged with a diagnosis of severe dehydration. Whole experience was a wallet biopsy. (2 weeks ago)

Staff were helpful and caring. I never had to wait more than a couple minutes between attention provisions. At the end they provided all of the information I needed when it comes time to see the doctor. (4 weeks ago)

I came in with a very hard time breathing. I didn't know what was going on with me, so I rushed to the hospital. Checked into the hospital and had to wait for a while. Was already having issues with my back and neck pains, but the breathing issue recently started that week. They took my vitals and they were fine, and the staff seemed apathetic anyway. They also took an x-ray with nothing. Someone came to see me but could not diagnose what was wrong with me. They sat me down and checked my vitals again. I sat there for a total of 2 hours, still having a hard time breathing. Nobody came to check on me. I sat there thinking no one could help me. After the two hours, the doctor came by and stated that there's nothing wrong with me and you're not going to die when you walk out. He also stated that I shouldn't diagnose myself because there's nothing wrong with me. There's no point of helping myself I guess, because this Hospital couldn't figure it out. The doctor then stated that you're probably suffering from anxiety or is there anything dramatic that happened recently? I said no, just the pains in my body. He said I'm young and that I shouldn't worry because I take care of myself by working out all the time and eating right. He then stated that there's no point of going to another hospital because they're going to say the same thing. A week later I find out from an orthopedic that I had costochondritis. It was due to my body pains, and my muscle spasms. Because of my tense back muscles, it caused the inflammation of my ribs, thus causing my breathing problem. my muscles are still stiff and spasming, but I'm going to physical therapy. This Hospital did nothing but waste my time and made me feel stupid for even thinking that there was nothing wrong with me. They made me feel like I had no hope in searching for other help because it's just anxiety or depression. They guarantee that I would walk out feeling fine eventually, yet I'm still here two to three months later trying to fix this. I've gotten better, but not because of this Hospital. I would recommend to anybody to not go here. (3 months ago)

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