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Photo: Aurora West Allis Medical Center

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Aurora West Allis Medical Center near Milwaukee, Wisconsin offers primary and specialty care and is home to the one-of-a-kind Aurora Women s Pavilion.

Aurora West Allis Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Milwaukee County, WI.

Aurora West Allis Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Aurora West Allis Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday 700 AM – 400 PM
Tuesday 700 AM – 400 PM
Wednesday 700 AM – 400 PM
Thursday 700 AM – 400 PM
Friday 700 AM – 400 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

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They saved my mom's life. She came to visit us from Ukraine. They helped to diagnose the cancer on an early stage, so it was removed in time. But that is not just that. They covered all the medical assistance, and the surgery. She didn't have an insurance here in the US. God bless Aurora Healthcare and God bless America! (a week ago)

ER most helpful when another healthy and knowledgeable person is with patient. Pharmacists outstanding at listening and identifying Meds. Great teamwork, ER and 5th floor staff. West Allis is very blessed with such an awesome hospital. (in the last week)

2nd Tuesday in a row here. Good thing they're close and competent! (2 weeks ago)

Horrible communication skills. I took a family member in for day surgery. I was told they might get her in early, and it would take roughly an hour for surgery, hour for recovery, half hour for miscellaneous, should be taking her home in 2.5 hours. I sit in the day surgery waiting room for 3 hours with no word. The reception desk closed so I go to the nurses station. They tell me she's still in back and I'm in the wrong waiting room, go to the other end of the building to surgical waiting. So I go there only to be told that she just went in for surgery, an hour and 15 minutes past when she was scheduled, and they inform me the surgery usually takes 3 hours, not the 1 hour I was told at reception. An hour and a half later (what happened to 3 hour surgery?) the doctor comes out and tells me everything went well, she's in recovery, and I should be able to see her in an hour. Surgical waiting staff leaves in 15 minutes so the waiting staff tells me if I don't hear from them by 4:45 to walk back to day surgery and I should be able to see her. At 4:45 I walk back only to be told "Oh, no one told you? She's being kept overnight.". They tell me she'll be in her room in 15 minutes so I should wait upstairs. I head up there and wait. And wait. And wait. She didn't actually arrive at the room for a little over an hour. So what originally was a 2.5 hour wait turned into a bit over 7 hours that I had to sit and wait for because of absolute piss poor communication. Other large hospitals provide devices similar to a cell phone that work on the grounds to keep family updated, or medical boards that show the status of a patient (via an ID to avoid HIPAA issues), or other means other than Aurora's 'randomly walk around asking and hoping for an accurate answer' method. I can't knock the staff as far as doctors and nurses when it comes to care, they did a great job but the hospitals ability to effectively communicate is the worst I've seen out of all the hospitals in the area and effectively hijacked my entire day. (6 months ago)

I like this hospital the Rns and the Nas are so nice and helpful (in the last week)

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