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Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center in Milwaukee has earned the reputation as Wisconsin's leading medical center and premiere cardiac services facility.

Aurora St Lukes Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Milwaukee County, WI.

Aurora St Lukes Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Aurora St Lukes Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Born at St Lukes in 1959, had cervical neck surgery in 2003. The doctors here are outstanding, very gifted in their fields. I believe you will not get shut off from your health concerns you bring forth at this hospital & physician offices. We know our bodies & when something is wrong. When even an X-Ray is not ordered & you are told you are just getting old is the time to not walk but run. I have know too many with diabetes being overlooked of pain blaming the disease & old age. I believe that will not happen here. If it does reviews are here to help the public find the best healthcare. ⭐️ As far as the nursing staff by aware and very afraid because after surgery if you do not more forward with getting out of bed etc. the nurses will ignore you, move the call button out of you reach, and if you keep yelling for help they will ignore you and move you down to the end of a small corridor. They do not listen to you when you speak to them you get I will be back, the nurse will go home and another shift will come in. DO NOT LEAVE a loved one alone overnight here. The nursing staff if that bad. My husband & I we’re both here & heard from registration it was bad before we were ever admitted. They complained and failed to get change. My husband actually called 911 for help while he was a patient after back surgery. My five star review is for the doctors only. I recommend Aurora Medical Center Summit Hospital for great nursing care like it used to and should be. (3 weeks ago)

My dad had bypass surgery here and even though he had multiple complications after surgery... the nurses and Doctors were attentive/responsive to his every need. The Nurses in the ICU were top notch, knowledgeable and professional. Angie and Ben were 2 of the best and we were lucky to have them. The only bad thing about St. Luke's is that the discharge planner encouraged my mom to send my dad to an acute long-term facility that we had read awful reviews about online and expressed our concerns to her. She convinced us that St. Luke's sends patients to them all the time and the Medicare reviews weren't that bad. It turned out to be our worst nightmare and was worse than we could have imagined! Please do your homework on your options for acute long-term facilities. That was not in my father's best interest, he is lucky to be alive! Nor was it a good reflection on St. Luke's. Additional note- 2/6/18 St. Luke’s Hospital in Milwaukee, Wi. was contacted regarding concerns related to the facility that they had highly recommended and transferred my dad to. I was told that St. Luke’s did not have any interest in knowing the concerns of another facility even if they were recommending and transferring patients to them. (3 months ago)

My mom had surgery on 03-29-2018 it was almost a five hour surgery the guy RN came into her room right after surgery. My mom said she was thirsty so I asked him if he would give her a drink of water. He came back and pushed the button on the head rest so the head rest went up my mom said it was starting to hurt but he kept putting it up then she moaned again in pain and he's like fine then you won't get anything to drink he put the cup down walked out of the room and said I will get your nurse. REALLY I WANTED TO SMACK HIM. HE SHOULD NOT WORK WITH PEOPLE. I don't remember his name but I know he was heavy set kinda greasy blonde hair. I just wish my mom would of went and had her surgery some place else that is the second time there for surgery and both times it was horrible first time she lost so much weight by the time 3 weeks went by she was 100 pounds. I hope she never ever has to go there again. And fire that nurse he's horrible. (a month ago)

Nice doctor and nurses. I have good service,im satisfie and the hospital the room are nice and clean (in the last week)

I had a radiology appointment on April 24th for 10:30 am. I arrived 15 minutes early per their instructions. I went to the desk to check in and the receptionist gave me gowns and led me to the back and let me know they would be calling me pretty soon. So I wait, it’s now about 11am, and other patients are walking in after me and getting called right back to be seen. So I ask a passing nurse was my name called just to be sure and she told me it would take a while because the scanning room was booked. Ok, so I wait until about 11:30 which my appointment was scheduled for an hour ago and I was supposed to have two. One was supposed to be at 10:30 and the other 12. I go back to the front desk since no nurses were around and ask her about how long did she think I would be waiting. She was surprised they hadn’t even taken me back for my first appointment at this time, and I explained to her that I had to leave by 1pm. She comes back to the waiting area with me and finds a nurse to ask them. She comes back with a nurse , and the nurse again explains they’re backed up(not my fault) and says give them 15 mins. More like 30 minutes went by and more people after me are going back. So now it’s almost noon and I’m finally going back. The lady does a scan or whatever and lets me kno she will get the radiologist to check it out. It’s 12:05 now she comes back and tells me she has to call my doctor for missing info? Nobody ever came back so I get dressed and I’m on my way to leave it’s 12:50 now. I waited that whole time in the room with no check in. A nurse sees me leaving and ask Can I wait 5 more minutes after I tell her I had to leave which they already knew I had to leave at 1pm. I wait the 5 minutes she then comes to apologize and say how they’re backed up again and they will call me if they need any additional info. Wow just wow I didn’t even get anything accomplished, don’t know any new info about what’s going on with me if anything. The scan wasn’t explained because no one came back and didn’t even know if I needed the second appt. my scheduled appointment was at 1030 and I was early there was no way I should’ve been leaving empty handed by 1pm. The whole ordeal was inconsiderate of my time and unprofessional. I won’t be going back I will drive further to a different hospital for better results if I’m going to be wasting my gas and time anyway for nothing. Worst hospital service ever, they need to do better! (3 weeks ago)

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