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For over 85 years, the staff at Aurora Memorial Hospital of Burlington has been committed to expert care and compassionate treatment of a wide range of health care ...

Aurora Memorial Hospital Burlington is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Racine County, WI.

Aurora Memorial Hospital Burlington does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Aurora Memorial Hospital Burlington is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Sent my mother home THREE times in 2002. First 2 times she had severe muscle weakness with a severe pain between her shoulder blades. Said she had an infection. Gave her pain killers for pain and antibiotics. The 3rd time she couldn't even walk...entire body was numb. Said "you're fine! Just lay off the pain killers." The very next morning she was to weak to even breath on her own. Rushed to St.Luke's and put on life support. She had Gullian-Barre. She's about 40 percent of what she was. Never fully recovered. A year and a half ago she went in due to flashing lights and extreme blurred vision in her left eye. "Nothing wrong with it. Probably a scratched retina." Gave her drops and an eye patch. Next morning she was completely blind in that eye. She had an "eye stroke." Simple test would have saved her eye. Thursday she went in with SEVERE muscle weakness, expecially on her left side. Slurred speech, blurred vision. After blood work and a series of tests, which never included an mri, the end result. "You're fine. You're not having a stroke. None of your symptoms are consistent with a stroke." The next morning unable to walk. Took her to a neurologist. Took him about 30 seconds to say she had a stroke. Probably while she was at the hospital. Asked her why she wasn't admitted. What's the answer to that? Burlington Memorial Hospital, do you have the answer? Dr ordered an immediate mrI that confirmed it. Now she sits at home. The Dr ordered inpatient therapy but insurance denied the order because she was never admitted originally. So, again, here she sits. Barely able to function and losing precious rehab time because your CONTINUED incompatence. You should change your sign to Burlington Memorial Morgue. I just thank God I went to St. Lukes when I had my heart attack. Your fine staff would have sent me home. (2 months ago)

Never again will I go to the er first they could care less of your in excruciating pain where your about to pass out but noone there cares especially the doctor's they didn't make me feel comfortable at all I had to page the nurse 8 times to even find out what was going on and if I can get something for pain because I dislocated my shoulder Natalie the npa sux I would rather die then to ever go to Aurora Burlington any Aurora hospital they suck (a month ago)

I was not very satisfied with my experience at Aurora. Unfortunlity, I became very ill for several months. I gave up the hope of getting better after being asked to come in for a 5th visit, within a months time, in order to try more experimental treatments at Aurora. Also, beware and triple check that you have no balances once you leave. I had a balance appear after the visits due to costs my insurance did not cover. I received no paper mail, calls, nor emails to inform me I had a balance yet they sent the balance to a collections agency. They then refused to pull the debts from the agency and allow me to pay once I became aware of these debts. They claimed that it was my fault as a patient that I did not receive notice. Dealing with aurora has been a nightmare. In my experience only the polite nurses that have tried to help me are a positive point for this business. Overall, I feel this company isn't set up for good healthcare and helping people... It is only set up as a money machine. I will be going elsewhere to find a treatment center that ALSO cares about my wellbeing. (3 months ago)

I was in the emergency room on a Sunday morning and had outstanding service. Everyone from the receptionist to the techs were friendly and caring. I got results from both CT scan and ultrasounds very quickly. The nurse (Lisa?) was great and the doctor ( a woman ) was calm and reassuring. (9 months ago)

I recently had a family member with a broken wrist treated here. I was impressed with the level of care and kindness shown to us while there for treatment. The staff is incredibly nice, personable, and worked hard to make it a pleasant experience. It seems like everyone genuinely likes working at this location. (a year ago)

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