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If you're looking for a medical center that combines state-of-the-art resources with a commitment to providing personal, compassionate care, look no further than ...

Aurora Medical Ctr Oshkosh is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Winnebago County, WI.

Aurora Medical Ctr Oshkosh does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Aurora Medical Ctr Oshkosh is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday 800 AM – 430 PM
Tuesday 800 AM – 430 PM
Wednesday 800 AM – 430 PM
Thursday 800 AM – 430 PM
Friday 800 AM – 430 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

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TL: DR - Go ANYWHERE else. ZERO stars. Second time in a row where I was asked to do blood work as part of PREVENTATIVE medical for my insurance. And was given a blood test for Diabetes even though I NEVER asked for that. It was just done without my consent and I was billed for it. I was told only the preventative blood work was needed. Guess who's on the hook because Aurora needs more money I guess?'s me. Cause...reasons? (2 months ago)

Usually, Aurora is super fast to see you. Most times it's fairly empty. Staff is great! , I am handicap And they are always super helpful wheeling me in when I need to take in Uber if I am unable to get a ride the nurses, are wonderful as well as the doctors. I have no complaints and have been to many hospitals. I lived in Florida most of my life And it would typically take an hour for just to get into a room and then sitting and waiting another 30 minutes just to get a nurse. however, is much different and a pleasure to go to especially when in pain. Even my doctors I transferred Flora whether I had status because they are even wonderful more so than any other. The only reason its not 5 ;make it off I would say would be there have been times but few, when I have had to wait when I have gone in with a major emergency. However, that does not happen often enough to really complain. (3 months ago)

I unexpectedly had to have surgery to remove my appendix and the whole staff from urgent care-to the ER staff and my surgeon Dr. Daly were all phenomenal, so kind and caring! I wish I could thank them all individually for everything they did! 💕 (2 weeks ago)

This review references the cardiology department only and not other Doctors at the facility. I had been told by Dr. Nicholas Buss that I HAD to have a heart echo prior to having knee Arthroscopic surgery. A surgery date had been set. I went through repeated attempts at scheduling the Echo test which HAD to have one of Aurora Oshkosh Cardiologists be present. The scheduling department handled me off from one person to another and another and another based upon no one knew how to schedule the test. After 45 minutes I was hung up on. I called back, and left my information with their call back system and NEVER received a return call. I had to go to the Oshkosh facility and demand that they schedule the appointment so I could meet the surgery date. I got an appointment for the Echo. After arriving I waited over an hour because they had an emergency. I was then taken back to the room, ekg cables attached, iv started, the sonographer did her thing, and then waiting on Dr. Okrah. Another hour goes by. I was now told Dr. Okrah decided to go on and see other patients. These people did EVERYTHING possible to get me to leave, figuring they had money in the bank for another day to do the test. I left the facility as directed, the failure of Aurora Oshkosh to conduct the test caused me to have to cancel my surgery. I had Knee Arthroscopic Surgery 5 months prior to this date on the right knee, I had no need for this test to be required before having surgery then. I do not recommend Aurora Oshkosh and its Cardiologists to anyone. The Oshkosh Aurora Cardiac facility is unreliable in getting Cardiac care. It is TOO small of a Hospital to be dealing with cardiac care, and really in my opinion shouldn't be handling any cardiac patients. To put it simply, they are NOT good enough. I had received a call right away on my answering machine from Becky Berg regarding the "poor medical care" I received at their facility. I never received a return call from her, she was advised of her facilities review by message. I had this Supervisory nurse call to talk to me into rescheduling my test. Upon being rude and belligerent, telling me "poor me I didn't get my test and it happened to me" did you no favors. This nurse also did not know that Dr. Okrah went on to other patients after the emergency and left me sitting. When I requested a referral to Aurora Baycare in Green Bay for their spine center, this hospital messed up the request and Green Bay wouldn't give an appointment, so Prevea Health handled the needed care. When Dr. Kim cancelled on me for my colonoscopy, as he does for many of his patients, Prevea Health was there once again. I will ask Prevea Health to take on the medical care. Aurora Oshkosh has a history in my medical care of NOT respecting my schedule. If you can't handle everyday cardiac issues, I believe you are a poor choice for a medical emergency. Thank you for the warning! UPDATE: I went to Prevea Green Bay for Cardiac Care, explained my situation. I went through the standard stress tests and moved on to another Cardiac Catheterization. The results were I had a 6 bypass operation in 2010, well 3 of my bypasses have died. This is the exact reason WHY Aurora Oshkosh should have done their tests, this is the exact reason WHY Aurora Oshkosh's practice of pushing off patients must end. Their conduct which I believe to be unethical MUST END! Every patient deserves proper care, but you will not receive it here. My advice to Oshkosh residents is take your care elsewhere. Get in the car and go elsewhere, your life may depend on it. (in the last week)

Best experience I have ever had. Had surgery and everyone was great. Will not go to any other hospital ever again. Thank you (3 months ago)

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