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SUMMIT, WI 53066

Aurora Medical Center in Summit features the most advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies for southeastern Wisconsin patients.

Aurora Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Waukesha County, WI.

Aurora Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Aurora Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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My daughter was seen here about 6 weeks ago. She is 13. We were staying in Aurora because we had a flight leaving Denver at the 7 the next morning. She came down with serious chills and a blasting fever around 10:30pm. I was incredibly frightened because the flu was all over the news. Medical Center was very close to our hotel. The staff was nice, but despite only being there for less than 3 hours, one chest x-ray, a strep test and 2 Advil and 2 Tylenol later, she was discharged. The doctor said she wasn’t going to do a flu test because it would cost me $1000 and even if it were positive we would treat it the same as a flu. I received the bill - over $5,000. I am truly depressed - my portion of the cost was $2,743. I work hard, don’t have a lot of money, and I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I was so worried about her and thank goodness she recovered well. However, I’ve reached out to billing and filed a grievance but haven’t heard a word from anyone since then. I cannot afford this and have asked to have these charges explained me, to no avail. I feel as though I need to go to a media watchdog at this point because I was taken so advantage of. I asked for an itemized bill - the chest x-ray was around $1,200, the strep test was well over $700 and just for entering their ER, frightened and scared (and we waited quite a while), I was charged $3,300!! No explanation of how this was a Level 3 emergency, but apparently that’s the charge for a Level 3. I can’t imagine if it had been a worse situation. Please help.. (3 weeks ago)


I went to the ER two weeks ago after three different doctors told me to (my cardiologist, my neurologist, and my PCP). I have a heart condition and was experiencing frequent and extreme episodes of lightheaded ness, palpitations, and tightness in my chest. This hospital visit was a COMPLETE waste of my time. The took an x-ray, ran some blood tests and confirmed that I did not have a heart attack or blood clot. Then they took my copay and discharged me. They did not consult a cardiologist, or even notify my doctor that I had arrived. The doctor that was “treating” me (and I use the word treating very loosely here) kept asking me if there was anything that I have tried or wanted her to give me. Maybe if she had asked those questions to a real doctor or a cardiologist I would not still be suffering from the same problem two weeks later. Bottom line- if you’re not in critical condition the doctors here have no interest in helping you. They make sure you’re “stable” and send you home to suffer. (2 weeks ago)

I was in for a few days two weeks in a row. Everyone was really nice and welcoming. Just PRAY that your case manager isn't named Peg or Peggy. She was insulting, condescending, and snooty. I kindly asked her to call a Medicaid Taxi for me about 30 minutes before I left, and she refused to do so, saying I needed to be already waiting in the lobby before making the call because I could miss the taxi. I explained that the taxi calls you once they arrived, otherwise I would have to ask every taxi if they were there to pick me up. She proceeded to tell me I was giving her attitude, and she hopes that I don't behave like a child, and tell people what to do in professional environments. I almost lost it on her, but politely asked her to just make the call. She again refused, and I spent nearly 90 minutes in the waiting room, because the call wasn't made until I was in the lobby. By the time I got home, my pharmacy was closed, so I couldn't get my much needed medication until the next day. Everyone else was super awesome, it just stinks to have a great experience ruined at the very end. Being told that with 4.5 years of experience, she knows better, and adds insults to your character and basically calls you stupid. I've been using Medicaid Taxi for years, and everyone knows they can take quite a while when it's busy. Last week, the case manager had the taxi driver already there, and he even came up to my floor to bring me down (over and beyond amazing). I wasn't surprised to see her fast walking out to the parking lot and leave after being in the lobby only 10 minutes. This otherwise would have been a 5 Star experience. Good job everyone else. Peggy, you should not be allowed to work with patients. SMH! (a month ago)

Great staff, super nice and attentive. I brought my wife there at 2 AM and they were great. This was at the Saddle Rock 24 hrs location. My Wife needed to be sent to the Medical center in Aurora and I was told the ambulance ride was free. They said the consider it no different than if I had gone straight to the hospital. The staff there was also great. Very prompt and a nice as possible. We are from out of state and they have done everything they could to make us comfortable and confident. Thanks to all of you. (2 months ago)

Beyond terrible experience, went in to have my wife checked out because she's having pain and pregnant. They checked us in quick telling us this is a serious situation but then after 2 hours the doctor coming in once, the ultrasound tech being as cold as Satan himself and the nurse who wanted to gossip more than help us we've lost it. If it weren't for the fact that my wife really had me worried and they were literally the closest place I'd never set foot in this germ infested disgrace of a hospital. Still haven't heard anything from them other than "We know you want to be discharged but we need the doctor to get done with a patient" Stay far away from this place. Final answer after all the waiting "it's not an emergency which is what we take care of here so we're discharging you." No hints at what it may have been just here's some antibiotics that might mess up your system now go away. (in the last week)

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