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The best community healthcare facility in Virginia, with the most advanced treatments and comfortable atmosphere.

Augusta Health is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Augusta County, VA.

Augusta Health does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Augusta Health is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Not worth your time to try and go to the Urgent Care or ER if you have a problem right now. They either tell you to see your Personal Provider first, then get a referral, or they just turn you away because they don't want to do the tests to determine what is causing your illness. Doctors here do not know what they are doing. I had a work related injury a couple months ago for my back, all the doctor did was "barely" touch where I was hurting (I couldn't walk at the time) and gave me Ibuprofen and sent me on my way (still not being able to walk because of so much pain). My pain has started to flair up again, so I went to the Urgent Care in Waynesboro. They told me go to to my Personal Provider then if they recommend I be seen, then they will look at me. For starters, I am one who really doesn't go to the doctors often, and my last Personal Service Provider is no longer there. They told me to find a new one. Augusta Health is a waste of time and money to go to. I will take the addition time to drive over the mountain to UVA Medical or Martha Jefferson to be seen. When I need help, I expect to be helped ASAP, not re-routed. Cheers, (in the last week)

If I could give this establish a thousand stars, I would. My husband's grandfather was hospitalized all week, landing in the ICU on two separate occasions. The staff was AMAZING. Every Nurse was friendly and willing to help, even joking with everyone to keep the situation light hearted. The main Doctor and the Cardiologist were very descriptive and made sure everyone understood what the issues were and kept us informed. If I were to ever be hospitalized, I could only hope the hospital I end up in is even half as great as the one in Fishersville. I am so thankful to say that my husband's grandfather has been discharged and is recovering in an assisted environment until he is ready to go home. Thank you so much to all of the wonderful staff for all of your kindness and help. (7 months ago)

Short and sweet version, be prepared for a staff that doesn't care, is poorly trained, improperly bills, and diagnose out of simplicity no matter what the symptoms are. The amount of 1 star reviews should caution you into using this hospital. Go elsewhere if you can. There were some nurses that cared, and doctors (especially for anesthesia) who cared. Overall though, the nurse scheduling me and billing me without my consent and against the doctors orders for what needed to be done, the nurse not caring and acting annoyed and above me for asking all of two questions (I, the patient, disagreed with what she said based on past experience, and it turned out she was wrong), shows a significant underlying problem within this facility. Unless it can correct many of these problems that consistently occur, the hospital will continue to function in a way that is not suitable for the patients. (4 months ago)

If I could give them no stars I would! Nurses do not care about you. They would rather sit and gossip at there station. They just want you gone. If you ask them for something be prepared to wait 45 min. Even for a ice. Terrible terrible terrible!!!! Oh and there excuse for everything will be “we just got so busy sorry”. Worst hospital experience of my life. (8 months ago)

I'm on my fourth day of being admitted. Every person assigned to me has been courteous. I have not experienced any wait even for small things like drinks or ice. The medical staff has done a great job treating my ailments and communicating with me and explaining everything clearly (7 months ago)

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