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AtlantiCare - Southeastern New Jersey's leading health care provider consists of AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center and outpatient services ... ARMC City Campus

Atlanticare Regional Medical Center - City Campus is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Atlantic County, NJ.

Atlanticare Regional Medical Center - City Campus does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Atlanticare Regional Medical Center - City Campus is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Atlantic city. Facility. Is. Totally. Better than. Mainland campus where they. Spy on ya with. Portable. Surveillance camera. A. C. Here. More t han helpful. And. friendly. Though they never. Did heal. My. Feet. (a month ago)

My grandmother was in a life threatening car accident in late January 2018. We honestly weren’t sure how long she would make it considering her age and all of her broken bones and other injuries. The trauma/icu unit and staff saved her life. I am forever grateful for the staff and all of the care that my grandmother received at this hospital. My family and I would not have wanted her to be anywhere else. She is still in recovery but she might be in worse shape if the helicopter hadn’t gotten her to the hospital and if the staff did not tend to her the way they did. The staff took great care of not only her but they were accommodating to my whole family. The nurses and doctors explained everything to us and helped us move her to the next point of her recovery after two weeks in the hospital. THANK YOU !!!! (a month ago)

4 stars may be over-rating, what can you say when a loved one is injured and sent here? Not their fault, not pleasant for patient and families. That said, after 5 days, the staff here has bent over backwards to make sure we're safe and comfortable. Extra points for Starbucks kiosk on 1st floor and polite and brisk valet parking. Advice: let the pros do the worrying, you're in good hands here. (3 months ago)

On Behalf of the late Mr Alvarez I can tell you that you guys are very professional team specially the 5 Harmony staff. The treatment was so great that 5 stars falls short to the amount of gratitude he had for the entire team including Doctors, Nurses, Housekeepers, Nutritionist and their compassionate Social Workers. Thank You So Much (4 months ago)

NEVER NEVER GO HERE - FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT I have a "special report" on Atlantic Care Hospital - HORRIBLE I have a "new" "report" from an "operative" in Atlantic City That he got sick Had infected ankles, shins and knees related to the heatware of summer 2017 Along with a "strange" skin infection with 5 different stages on his body He went to the ER An Older White Haired Doctor (CRAZY SELF-IMPORTANT JERK) making strange comments... Said He didn't see anything after looking at his ear f for 2 seconds and left and ordered labs THEN A CRAZY ORDERLY CAME BY Bald Head 30s White Chubby Full Beard with HIS OWN SPRAY BOTTLE OF DISINFECTANT And became SPRAYING this man in the Aisle of the ER as he was "sleeping" on a gurney with a cover over his head to be AWAKENED by CRAZY EVIL JERK He said "You Reek... Man" And left With the man cursing him out as he left Then another HOSPITAL WORKER Female - Brown Long Hair - Glasses - 30s Came with Admittance Computer and Clipboard He thought he was SIGNING OUT and NOT ADMITTED because of the DOCTORS comments BUT THEN WAS - FALSELY COMMITTED In August of 2017, He was TREATED for SKIN CONDITION related to a MASSIVE INFECTION in his LOWER LEGS ONLY THEN TO BE - FALSELY COMMITTED to THE PSYCHE ER for an IMAGINARY SKIN CONDITION After being COMMITTED THAT EVENING A African American Nurse ENDLESSLY HARASSED THE MAN telling HIM - He had to TAKE A SHOWER (Took one before going to the hospital) Saying - You have to take off your clothes and put on a gown ALTHOUGH - SHE NEVER BROUGHT THE GOWN for 3 HOURS - THIS HARASSMENT WENT ON While a JAMICIAN NURSE - THREATEND RESTRAINTS for TALKING BACK to THE OTHER NURSE THE NEXT DAY And then NURSE - Ibelise (First Name) REFUSED to CALL - PATIENT ADVOCATE ASKED 5 TIMES - TO CALL THE PATIENT ADVOCATE RETURN of "BOB" The "Crazy Orderly" He was taken to the SHOWER by NURSE IBELISE and HER PARTNER - Name Unknown And this FAT CHUBBY MENTAL PATIENT of ORDERLY 30s - Bald Head - Full Beard - Chubby CHANGE INTO ANOTHER WARD To OPEN THE DOOR and HARASS the MAN in THE SHOWER While 2 ABUSIVE - FAT CHUBBY - SECURITY GUARDS WATCHED and LAUGHED Who THREATENED THE MAN and ABUSED HIM - VERBALLY REPEATEDLY as THEY ESCORTED HIM 1 Black and 1 Puerto Rican and 10 NAZI Guards SHOWED UP for his TRANSFER to PSYCHE HOSPITAL ESPECIALLY - A WHITE HAIRED - 6'4 - OLDER WHITE GUARD MAKING NASTY ABUSIVE COMMENTS A HORROR SHOW of course with EAST INDIAN - DOCTOR'S TREATY DOCTORS A NIGHTMARE !!!! For this man.... Who does have a history of depression Was TREATED LIKE A CRAZY PERSON by INCOMPETENT NASTY STAFF HELP Call Mayor Don Guardian Call the Patient Advocate Ca;ll Personnel Call Legal Dept AND HAVE THESE - EVIL NASTY JERKS FIRED ALL OF THEM THE DOCTOR THE ORDERLY WITH DISINFECTANT IBELISE - THE NURSE THE AFRICAN AMERICAN NURSE THE JAMACIAN NURSE THE SECURITY GUARDS and THE EAST INDIAN - DOCTORS TREATY - PSYCH DOCTOR NOTE THERE WILL BE A LAWSUIT FOR RACIAL DISCRIMINATION AND HARASSMENT AS WELL AS - FALSE COMMITMENT (a month ago)

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