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ATHENS, AL 35611

A community hospital. Services, physician directory, wellness information and employment opportunities. Located in Athens.

Athens Limestone Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Limestone County, AL.

Athens Limestone Hospital does not have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Athens Limestone Hospital is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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They have their ups and downs but each time ive needed them, they've followed through. Saving my life once that I know for sure. They kept me until they stabilized me and it ended up being near 2 weeks. They've been thorough most of the time when ive been there. Keeping me overnight for observation a few times due to blood work that came back bad. They really showed their greatness a little over a week ago. A very close family member of mine went in with a fever of 105.6. They instantly had him in a room and there were about 7 or more working on him. He ended up having a servers case of the flu. It was very scary for me and they could tell that i was panickibg. They were also very nice and helped me through it. They kept my family member overnight up until late into the next evening to make sure that he would be able to breath ok. While we were there his O2 kept dropping below 80 and that was with O2 On. They have their good Drs/nurses like every other place but each time that it has mattered, they've stepped up while we have used them. I've had 4 surgeries there and I've had nothing but fine experiences with them. The nurses & everyone involved have been on top of their jobs. I have had more good experiences than bad. They've esp stepped their act in the last few years. They do have a few people who work there that could work on their attitudes. My thoughts are, if you're going to work in that field you know youre going to be around sick people. Sometimes it can get gross. If you can't handle it don't get in that line of work. Also, if a person already feels bad or has terrible anxiety, the worst thing you can do is be rude and dismissive of them. I guess everyone is human. But to be in this line of work you need to have a little compassion and heart. (4 months ago)

Great staff and great doctors! Have been several times and have never had a poor experience. Gave birth there and then had to bring my daughter back for emergency NICU treatment and they were so accommodating for us! It was much better than friends have had in similar situations in bigger hospitals. Only down fall is that I've been referred to many specialist through them and they are typically further away in Madison or Huntsville. Could be my insurance though. (10 months ago)

The Staff in 3 East were some of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. Thank you all!! The service was excellent, the food was great and there is a cafeteria available as well. (10 months ago)

Do not take anyone you love and care about here. My wife has a history of ruptured ovarian cysts, 3 days ago, it happens again. we go to Athens hospital ER because we just moved here and thought stabilizing treatment should be simple. Registration and admission are typical - med lists, allergies etc. Lortab is a known allergy- as with many people nowadays it induces vomiting. WE get seen by a doctor that walks in without looking at the chart just starts off the cuff trying to figure things out. Doc never check for cyst rupture, and offer ONLY 1 LORTAB. We alert her to the allergy, Doc doesn't care, says that" Lortab is all they have". We advise her that we were treated at Huntsville hospital for this last year, and Dilaudid was given (commonplace practice) as lortab is simply not strong enough for this type of pain. Doctor laughs at us and says there should be no need for something THAT STRONG. We ask her to just look at the Huntsville Hospital records. Doctor informs us that they don't have access to HH records. Not sure if this is a lie, or truth, but either way its unacceptable. This was from a female doctor mind you- getting no sympathy for one of the worst female pains there is- was unsettling. At that point we tell the doctor we want to go home- no real tests were run, we're done. Doc says she's concerned about patient's appendix. We humor her in the interest of compliance. They run a CT scan w/o contrast and decide she has appendicitis. Knowing full well this is an ovarian cyst and wanting a second opinion, we left against medical advice. We then go to our main doctor at Vanderbilt and they try to contact Athens Hospital and they have lost the CT image less than 24 hours later. They do fax over a paper saying my wife has appendicitis. We then have spent the last 48 hours carefully monitoring and testing for appendicitis(complicated by blood loss from ruptured ovarian cyst and resulting renal insufficiency) . Results negative. This is not even third world medicine here, this is real country bumpkin medicine practice. I am burdened now to tell everyone I know to avoid this place at all costs. (6 months ago)

I came to Athens hospital because I had been having shortness of breath, they never checked my breathing and put me in a room , remind you I was the only person in the ER when I came in , I know there are other patients there but they put me in a room and no one came to check on me ever and after 3 hrs past I walked out because I wasn’t being helped , when I walked out all the nurses were just standing around talking and laughing with each other not thinking about their patients! I walked past and they nurse that put me in that room just looked at me walk out and never said anything! Now thats the worse experience I have had at any hospital, that’s just ridiculous honestly! My situation wasn’t like oh I’m about to die but if ot was anyone else and it was worse than mine just imagine what could happen! (7 months ago)

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