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150 WEST 100 NORTH, VERNAL, UT 84078
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150 WEST 100 NORTH
VERNAL, UT 84078

Ashley Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Uintah County, UT.

Ashley Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Ashley Regional Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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This is our new Women's facility. Way over due. Thanx to all who had a hand in it. (2 months ago)

Ha if I could give NO stars I would every time I come here it's a joke what in GOD'S name do we pay them for first time hummm I would comment why but can u say lawsuit and second time I bring a friend in who already has medical problems they pretty muxh say get you know what DONT GO HERE drive the extra 25 miles to Roosevelt. ARMC lyall are worth less pissed and greatful I. Not dying (3 months ago)

Some how I cannot change my google account to say my correct name. It’s Megan. I got 2nd and 3rd degree burns from about my high thighs and down. My mother in law rushed me to the E.R. I managed to run inside in severe pain with a towel wrapped around me. It took them 10 minutes to even come get me from the E.R lobby after I had given my mother in law my wallet to give them any information they needed. Once they finally came out and called for me, and got into one of the main rooms. We went over everything again like we did at he front desk. Name, age, birth date, insurance, medications etc. I laid there in tremendous pain crying. They would not give me anything to even ease the pain. My mother in law was with me and asked can I put cold water on them and replace them every few seconds to help with the burning. The lady taking her sweet time told her no they’d get to it soon. After we finished the paperwork on the system and get the doctor again. (At this point I’ve been there for about 30 minutes with nothing to help ease my pain). I am now starting to go into shock. I managed to keep myself as calm as I could. after about another 5 minutes my mother in law took it upon herself to help me. She started opening cupboards to find towels as she did she went to the big sink turned on the cold and got the towels wet would lay it on my leg and pull it off within about 3 seconds, but that helped so much. At this point my fiancé, and mother were allowed back as the cycled through in a chain to help stop the burning. Finally after about 45 or 50 mins they started giving me morphine to help. Shortly after they got my pain under control. They had to draw up paperwork to have me sent to the burn unit out in salt lake. Which I was okay with. At least they could treat me properly since Vernal can’t really treat major burns. Well they had me moved on to a stretcher or whatever for the ambulance ride. 4 or 5 girls came in to wheel me out to the ambulance. They strapped me in and They needed to raise me up all 4 or 5 of them almost Dropped me and tipped me over!!!! I am only 115-120 pounds and 5’2” I immediately reached out to my husband to do what they couldn’t manage to do. Of course we got in trouble, but I snarled back with. Well I know he can lift me by himself just fine and you 4 or 5 just managed to drop me while I am strapped in! So furious at how poorly this whole situation was handled. If you’d like another good laugh at this hospital I went in with a massive infected toe. The doctor needed to numb it and drain it, long story short on this one. I was admitted into a room the doctor looked at me. Told me he had to go out on a fire call: because he was a fire fighter and would be back. I thought I must’ve heard him wrong as he stepped out of the room. Didn’t think anything of it because I clearly heard him wrong...right? Well an hour went by. I thought jeez this is taking awhile I’ve been numbed forever what’s taking so long. Needless to say I think he really did go out on a fire. Lol because he took an hour and a half to get back to me. He did apologize for being gone so long at least... I had earlier asked a nurse if an emergency had came in. She mentioned no that it was just me and a couple other people.... those are the only 2 stories out of many I’m going to tell. I do have a few others. I don’t know why I bother going to this hospital anymore! Also would like to note Dr. Catten and Breitenbach are fabulous doctors. Just not a fan of the emergency department. They are ridiculous (4 months ago)

I think this is the most paranoid hospital about opioid abuse that I've ever seen. I have chronic kidney stones. I knew I was passing a kidney stone. I had some pain pills that were not helping so I went into the hospital for help. I was in so much pain, yet they thought I was seeking help for pain. of course I was. I was in extreme pain. There was blood in my urine and I was throwing up in their bathrooms, signs that I was currently passing a stone. But they would not treat the pain. They did a CT scan, wasted my money to prove what I already knew, that I had kidney stones. They gave me a pain pill (I already had some as I told them when I came in) and sent me on my way. They did nothing to help the ease the pain, just made sure nothing else was wrong even though I obviously needed something stronger than a pill because the stone was passing and I couldn't handle the pain. Hospitals are supposed to make you feel better. I only left feeling like someone who they thought should be locked up or something. It was a horrible experience. They treated me terribly. I would drive to Roosevelt before going back there again! (6 months ago)

Had my son go in to have his tonsils removed I had insurance and paid co pay and they billed my insurance company 10,000 dollars for an out patient procedure biggest rip off ever that was 2015 and now I am dealing with a collection agency for 3600 dollars 3 years after the fact unless your dieing or need attention to avoid it drive yo the city it's tottaly worth it (4 months ago)

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