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Asante Three Rivers Medical Center Hospital in Grants Pass combines leading-edge technology with holistic healing principles to deliver compassionate healthcare to ...

Asante Three Rivers Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Josephine County, OR.

Asante Three Rivers Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Asante Three Rivers Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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This hospital used to get 5 stars from me. Today they get 1 only because there is no option for zero. The facts are that my child needs an MRI because she has 3 tumors on her adrenal glands and a large hematoma in the tissue of her left side and now a pool of blood in the bottom of her belly. The ER doc ordered an MRI but imaging has refused to fast track her. OHP is wonderful and explained that all they had to do is call the state number that they have and she could have that MRI done immediately. Despite my daughter and my literally begging for help, they refused to do anything whatsoever to get her in until next week. The excuse that was used today was that they had a cancellation yesterday but when they called us my father told them that we took her to OHSU in Portland. This child has Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, Cushing's disease, etc...etc... She takes life support medication every day. She is in so much pain she doesn't want to live anymore. She is scared to death. What happened to people going that extra 1 step to help another? I wonder is they ever put themselves in the patient's shoes? These adrenal tumors were actually diagnosed in December 2017, when my daughter was treated for an automobile accident. However, the treating ER doctor told us that the CT scan was negative and sent her home. It is only now 5 months later that we are told about the tumors showing up on this CT scan as well as the one in December. Well, I have lost absolutely all trust in this hospital and their management. Most of the staff are wonderful but they can only treat those who are given to them to treat. On February 21, 2010, my cousin passed away because this Emergency Room Staff misdiagnosed her with shingles. She went to the hospital the first night she could not handle the pain. They gave her no real diagnosis and sent her home with pain pills. The next night she returned unable to handle the pain so they increased the pain medication and sent her home saying she had shingles. The third night she was back at the ER and after waiting until 3:00 am and not being seen, she went home. She returned on the morning of February 21, 2010, and the doctors were surprised to find that they had been wrong not to investigate a little better because she was dead within the next 24 hours of necrotic fasciitis, the rapid flesh eating bacteria. A family member over heard the doctors doing "shop talk" as the doctor called it about the case being familiar to them. Well it was, 2 years earlier the exact same scenario happened with another patient and that patient also died in a matter of days. I understand the state of our health care system in the United States. There is no such thing as treating each patient for that patient's current situation. There is this giant killer called formulary and what works for one must work for all. But honestly, when the door is slammed at the clerical level, without any consideration for anything but the normal routine, you can kiss your ass goodbye. I am grateful for the staff who have gone above and beyond to help us over the years. We truly appreciate them. And to those of you who couldn't bring yourself to do anymore than tell us how the "process works," may you never have to be or have a loved on in our position. (a week ago)

Nursing staff obviously care abou their patients. I noticed changes from the last time I had to go there. Top ratings for the top floor ladies! Linda , Jessica, Connie, and my other Rn as to whom my mind is drawing a blank. (3 months ago)

The most disrespectful judgemental rude nurses I have ever been in contact with and ecspecialy after having my daughter to be treated the way I was.. was straight emotional abuse.. (a month ago)

Three Rivers Hospital does not have the best reputation. I have heard an awful lot of mistakes and don't know what they're doing things but all are hearsay I have never had anything bad happen here but I have never spent more than a couple of hours here. (a month ago)

A big thank you to ALL the staff at Asante three Rivers Hospital. After suffering a serious injury from a fall I was taken to Asante and admitted as a patient. My experience can only be describe as VERY POSITIVE! The doctors, therapists, nursing staff and their assistants were always available and did whatever they could to make me comfortable. The food was also not what one would consider "institutional food" It was made with great care. An overall positive experience. (11 months ago)

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