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BAXLEY, GA 31513

Health care system located in Baxley, GA featuring hospital, nursing home, and South Georgia Medical Group.

Appling Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Appling County, GA.

Appling Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Appling Hospital is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
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Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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FAMILIES BEWARE OF THIS HOSPITAL AND THE SENIOR CARE UNIT!!! THIS FACILITY ABUSES PATIENTS AND COULD NOT EVEN FIND THE CLOTHES OFF MY PARENT'S BACK THAT THEY CAME IN WITH, OR GLASSES! I READ THE PREVIOUS REVIEW OF A WORKER FROM A MONTH AGO, AND THEY CONFIRMED WHAT I ALREADY KNEW. THIS FACILITY HAS SOMETHING TO HIDE! Any facility that won't let a family member visit at anytime and won't let them see the conditions where they are living has something to hide. This facility claims this is due to HIPAA laws, but that is a farce! I have been to many lock down facilities and that is not a HIPAA requirement. SHAME ON THIS FACILITY AND THE EXECUTIVES THAT RUN THIS FACILITY!! My father is an 84-year-old man who has always taken care of himself. His doctors, KIM AND GREG WILLIAMS, who forced my father into this facility without consulting me when they had my phone number! I was out-of-the country when this occurred and had to find out from a phone call from the young nurse who was providing at-home medical assistance. SHAME ON KIM AND GREG WILLIAMS! YOU SHOULD BE SUED AND MAY BE AFTER THIS! This facility no only attacked my father and drugged him up, but drugged him up so bad that his dementia when from a 25% deficit to a 60% deficit. The proof is that when I moved him to a home outside of GA, that his deficit of 25% was regained once they got my parent off medication. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU WHO WERE INVOLVED. ESPECIALLY CEO-RAY LEDBETER, CEO'S ASST. -JORDAN, HEAD NURSE-MARGARET, SOCIAL WORKER-SANTINA, SR. CARE UNIT MGRS.-SHEILA AND TANYA! WHAT ARE YOU HIDING BEHIND CLOSED DOORS AND FROM THE ADULT PROTECTION SERVICES!! I WILL BE REPORTING THIS TO EVERYONE AND EVERY ENTITY I CAN! I contacted the CEO's office, the head nurse, and the social worker to find out where my father's belongings had disappeared to and was told they could not be found. What a farce...a facility that locks it patients up, but cannot lock up their belongings! (a month ago)

I worked here at Senior Care Unit and it was horrible, I loved the patients but saw many abused and treated like animals. After I reported it, nothing was done. Eventually I was terminated, on my separation papers all it says was terminated but the nurse manager told me that I was accused of abusing a patient and she would send me home for 3 days without pay while she did her "investigation". After my 2 years working there, she was never on the unit so i doubt any investigating was done. She calls me back to tell me that unfortunately they have to let me go and that I could wait 90 days and reapply and she would call me in for an interview. I guess they just wanted to hide the abuse. The senior care unit makes more off of it's 14 day patients than any other part of the hospital. They receive thousands of dollars for every day each patient is there and for every prn shot they administer, they receive $150. There were at least 7 shots administered every day on a 12 hr shift. Most of the time for no good reason. Just because someone yelled, or liked to wonder, or acted out because of staff egging the behavior on. This place is a disgrace and a prison. I would never let my family stay here. And if you love your family, you wouldn't either. Also Dr.Martin diagnosed me with an earache when my eardrum was ruptured and prescribed me eardrops that made my ear bleed so, if you want to walk out worse than when u arrived come here (3 months ago)

Probably the worst hospital I've ever been too. The toilet in room wasn't working because of plumbing issues. All the tools and things in room looked old and used. They had nothing they needed to treat me and had to keep running back and forth out of room. Also the lady who took my blood obviously didn't know what she was doing or didn't care because she stuck me and dugged the needle in my arm and tied the rubber band around my arm extremely too tight. My arm automatically bruised up and hurt. Then while waiting on blood work no one came in to check on us or anything. My boyfriend had to keep going to find them to see what the hold up was. They never came back into room and by that point I was pissed and we walked to front desk signed release papers and left. I recommend going else.. this place is unprofessional and gross (8 months ago)

Securing ivs with regular tape? Never seen that done before. Asked to bring my friend a cup of water that was dehidrated from throwing up, the woman never came back. (a year ago)

If your in need and want to live run run run grossly overstaffed overpaid got RM out of ICU at1 pm first water and içe4pm supper 7pm note meds 1150 pm by the way I'm brittle diabatic .I always heard patcaint care first Alma one way Vidilia the other buff said (a year ago)

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