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1600 W AVE J, LANCASTER, CA 93534
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1600 W AVE J

Information on this acute care facility providing medical care to northern Los Angeles county.

Antelope Valley Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Los Angeles County, CA.

Antelope Valley Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Antelope Valley Hospital is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Wednesday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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It is really hard for me to write a negative review about this hospital when the Emergency room was so good to me. The Doctors were great and the treatment was great. After I was admitted is when everything went horribly wrong. I am a cardiac patient and have been my entire life. If I wasn't aware of my own medications and the schedule that I took them there wouldn't have been a problem. The problem was they were 12 hours late and they were wrong and they were not the medications that my life depends on. The sense of urgency or importance was non existant. Ignoring the nurse call for over an hour, ignoring my medication list, thinking they knew better than my Doctor of 25 years and deciding to change my medications. It was obscene the way I was treated after admission. I really should have looked through the reviews before coming to this hospital. (a week ago)

If you have nothing better to do on Wednesday night go to they don't sell a hospital and sit there for 5 hours and not even get to talk to it's a great time. Still really lucky if you get sent to the green line. After after 6 hrs I was seen by a Dr who decided to give me 2 bags of IV fluids and an antibiotic nausea pill which took another 2 hrs. Bottom line if they worked on their Time Management it would be a much better experience. (a month ago)

The Wound Care Center is absolutely the best. The staff members are helpful and friendly, always ready to answer questions. The doctors and nurses are highly skilled. Two thumbs up! (a month ago)

This hospital is in serious need for funding. The facility is very inadequate and doesn't seem to have a proper process to be able to treat their patients efficiently and effectively. Its definitely not a staff issue, the staff seems to be trying to function with what they have to work with. This hospital is just SEVERELY UNDERFUNDED! The hospital design itself is confusing and scattered around for stations. There is space but yet the ER is put somewhere in between the building itself. I was so confused trying to follow the ER signs within the ER to get to triage to another triage When you first walk into the ER you are greeted by a security guard and directed towards a metal detector!!!! I was like wait WHAT?! Then registration, then an intake nurse, then another nurse that tells you where to wait, then another nurse that asked the same questions then asked to wait, we were placed in the "green zone" told to walk through a maze of halls, on our way we are greeted by a hall nurse with 2 questions less than the one before, then off to be greeted by another nurse. This nurse then directs us to a hidden waiting area, then greeted by another nurse who asked the same questions, then leaves and says a doctor and another nurse will be here shortly. Another nurse and doctor come in and ask again the same questions. The process was redundant, I know information must be gathered to best determine the needs and placement from urgent or life threatening but there's much room for more efficacy in patient processing. The hospital was originally designed to deal with a smaller patient flow, and in that process they have tried to add more structures to an existing facility to deal with the growing Lancaster/Palmdale population. This hospital needs a more thorough examination of the facility and its existing methods. On top of that, the waiting area had soiled linens with unknown fluids and containers sitting out in the patient chairs. Napkins on the chairs and fluid stains on them. I'm sitting there and 2 flies are just waiting around in there with me. Very gross negligence on that part. We must call our city electives and get them to do something! I'M SURE THEY HAVEN'T BEEN HERE, I'M SURE KAISER IS PROPERLY EQUIPPED AND ADAPTED. While low income individuals just get the short end and no choice cause theres really nothing else. (3 weeks ago)

At the outpatient lab good service but putting on the TV to the VIEW and having it up loud is not appropriate! Why not stay neutral and put on Medical info like most Drs Offices. We must keep Hospitals a politically neutral zone! (2 weeks ago)

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