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Medical Center based in Annapolis Maryland, known for Vascular, Joint, Spine, Brain, Women's and Children's, UroGYN, and Oncology Services

Anne Arundel Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Anne Arundel County, MD.

Anne Arundel Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Anne Arundel Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I came in for a simple pregnancy blood test. I had taken 4 urine pregnancy tests and they were all positive. I stayed there for 4-5 hours waiting on results and was sent away and told it was negative. The next morning, my first sergeant told me to go to the base hospital and they immediately came back with positive results. Entirely disappointed and glad I got a PROFESSIONAL second opinion. The hospital is very dirty and the people are rude. (2 months ago)

I was at the Anne arundel medical center in odenton today to get my boot off when I walked in they ask as usual what doctor will you be seeing today. So I told them the doctor and they said the doctor was not there do to an emergency I had, had this boot on now for 10 weeks I had it on for an extra week as well and I was ready to get it off. They said they had called eailer to inform me when I checked my voicemails there was no calls from them we ask to see a different doctor they said there were no doctors available at the time and that I would have to wait till the next week at this point my mother and I were pretty mad because I had taken time off school and my mom had taken time off work to come to the appointment that we had scheduled 4 weeks before. They told us to wait a little bit to see if one of the other doctors could give me an X-ray and put me in a brace but then after waiting they said that we would have to see the same doctor we saw last time. (2 weeks ago)

Updated review: I was following up with Dr. Ferhardia (neurologist) for about 3 months. The short of the story is he accused me of trying to use my seizure to get out of a military service contract. I asked him for specifications about what I could and could not do in writing for the military and he refused, stating its my responsibility to know my own limits. I told him the military work by documentation, not word of mouth. However he still refused to provide guidance. My family member asked a question on my behalf that was very relevant (that I had not thought about) and he was very rude to her saying he would have to charge her for asking such a question because I was the patient, not her. His social worker was supposed to follow up with me about some transportation assistance because he suspended my drivers licence after the seizure. She did not contact me until 6 weeks later and I had to work. Old review: I came in having a seizure and their triage nurse took someone back immediately in the E.R. that was complaining about a caugh. While I waited almost 1.5 hour to be seen from a seizure. I am sitting on hold right now trying to verify a follow up appointment and I've been on hold for 10 minutes. It's 8:37am, I doubt they're so busy that I need to be on hold. So eventually I hung up and immediately called back with an answer. The operator told me they don't have the specialist I need to see and I know that isn't true because I made an appointment one week ago and was just placed on hold in their department. I told her as such and she told me that I must be wrong. (a month ago)

Very little continuity of care or pain management being a priority; my fiance came in with obvious gallbladder issues diagnosed through the ER. When he was moved to observation, a nurse refused to believe the gallbladder diagnosis and strong armed whoever into a barrage of cardiac tests which kept him up all night. When I suggested they were unnecessary, another nurse told me that "if I loved him, I would want these tests." When he finally had surgery to remove his gallbladder, the surgeon was amazing, but the staff couldn't locate him or the room he would be in. I was led around 3 levels of the hospital looking for someone who had any information, all the while being told that they don't have room for him. I'm thankful for the surgery finally getting done, but we only had one nurse who seemed to care about his pain, which was never really addressed despite his constant honesty about pain levels. All the observation nurses could use a lesson in bedside manner. (3 months ago)

Nearly all the doctor's I've met at AAMC have been competent, professional, and pleasant. Services are pretty good for a hospital. Things get hectic, and there's often a wait for non-emergency requests to get filled, but the majority of the nurses and nurse's aides are helpful, pleasant, and appear conscientious. The food deserves a special mention. Though I wouldn't compare it to my favorite restaurant, it's surprisingly well-prepared, moderately tasty, and not too unhealthful, especially for a hospital. They don't do special diets all that well, but they try. (5 months ago)

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