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Angel Medical Center, located in Franklin, North Carolina, consists of dedicated professionals providing compassionate and superior healthcare to all.

Angel Medical Center is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Macon County, NC.

Angel Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Angel Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Wednesday Open 24 hours
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Friday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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I took my daughter here and the staff was beyond amazing . They took very good care of my 4 year old and made sure we understood what was going on the whole time. I highly recommend this E.R. (a week ago)

I went in to the ER at 10:15PM. I was seen immediately and treated like royalty. Within an hour I had been examined and had a CAT scan. Within 3 hours I was in the OR for emergency surgery. At 1:00 PM the next day I was resting comfortably at home.... I cannot believe how friendly and efficient everyone was from the receptionist to the surgeon......outstanding!!!!!! (4 months ago)

I was having a heart attack, EMS was called and I was taken to Angel Medical Center. The Doctors and medical staff was fast and efficient and kept me alive and the damage minimal (2 months ago)

I went in around 9 pm last Night for an asthma attack I told them I had been using my inhaler with no relief so switched to my nebulizer and was getting some relief but had to do them every two hours (which it's not supposed to be but every four hours ,mind u this drug helps u breathe and is non narcotic) this was the first time in as long as I can remember that when in the er for an asthma attack that they didn't check my oxygen level...??? They did however listen to me with a stethoscope and upon hearing my wheezing order me a breathing treatment ( keep this part in mind ) asked me what I thought I needed told them 60 mgs prednisone and refill on my albuterol inhaler and albuterol solution for nebulizer the dr agreed they gave me my meds but when I checked my prescriptions I was missing the albuterol solution I pointed it out to the nurse who convinced me that although it looked like 3 prescriptions it was four the two albuterol were just on the same line I even pointed out at this time that I never even asked for advair maybe he made a mistake but was assured everything was there was not and of course I have had this happens before in Florida and they called my dr and fixed it over the phone angel er told me I had to come in for it to be fixed so I did upon showing up dr Lowry told me he was the one who saw me last night and asked y I thought I needed this med I was flabbergast you saw me last night I don't understand the confusion I told him u ordered me an advair that I didn't need a refill on and didn't fill the one I specifically asked for he went on to tel me that he felt I didn't need the nebulizer medication ( remember I said the first thing they did was give me a nebulizer treatment ???) as my inhaler had more medicine in a dose than a nebulizer dose at!!!! Funny bud the reason the inhaler doesn't work is when you can breathe at all is because u can't get the medicine down in one shot so the nebulizer administers it slowly so there isn't so much waste. ( while having an asthma attack you can't take deeps breaths which is when the inhaler works well) the slow administration of the nebulizer allows you to gradually improve your breathing and eventually u can take deeps breaths and get back to the point where you only need the inhaler. I explained to him that i needed it and he tried to argue his opinion with me instead of help me at which point I told him I will be bringing your 2 star level review a little lower as soon as I leave and then he finally decided that getting my medicine was a better idea than trying to prove me wrong I just moved here from Florida and I will drive to the next closest town for any emergencies I have I can't believe that a dr who saw me for 2 minutes had just got done telling me the medicine my pulmonologist (lung specialist) has had me on for years is not necessary and that the inhaler he knew I had and had not worked was all I needed funny two years ago I was in a coma for my asthma and I had inhalers and nebulizer meds clearly the inhaler isn't a guaranteed solution. Dr Lowry was clearly more worried about him being right than me getting better I mean I have met arrogant doctors before but they at least got me breathing before tryin to force me to believe them over my own personal pulmonologist of over a decade not to mention they didn't give me a taper dose of prednisone which is a steroid that you are supppsed to be weaned off of ...again all my other doctors prescribed it to me as a tapers dosage where day by day they gradually knock down the dosage until your off not here lmao what a joke (8 months ago)

Unfortunately had to go to the hospital last Saturday, but it was a pleasant experience left work and came home to Franklin and stopped at the hospital on the way home. Got right in no wait time maybe a minute at the most then they put me in a back room and I had to wait for the doctor maybe 10 minutes tops. He was very friendly everyone was very nice, I had double ear infection so I ended up getting antibiotics I wish they would have given me something for the pain but wasn't dying so it was understandable. antibiotics worked and much better now has been probably 5 times with my son due to falling and him just being a kid everytime he gets in and out just as fast no issues no problems really nice Hospital. Thought I would write a review after being so many times. (a year ago)

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