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AllianceHealth Seminole is a hospital serving more than 30,000 residents in Seminole County, OK and the surrounding Oklahoma communities. AllianceHealth Seminole is a ...

Alliancehealth Seminole is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Seminole County, OK.

Alliancehealth Seminole does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Alliancehealth Seminole is a proprietary hospital.

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Doctors are nice, but the people who give injections need to be educated on how and where to give them. The ER PA sucks....I could have died due to his ignorance and lack of compassion. Makipour good, but lied. He said it would be less than $1000 for a surgery, but ended up costing $3000. They also have a problem with billing. They always send a bill for $5 -$11 after every visit. (4 months ago)

Place is terrible. Went to the emergency room and the doctors were contracted out so I had to pay 3 separate times for one visit. Doctor and nurses didn't seem to care about patients. Had to wait for 3 hours to get seen. Then when i went back there they didn't run any test and just said I had something and sent me out. And the total came out to 1000 some odd dollars for no test. I would sooner die than return here. (4 months ago)

Along with the popular opinion of the others who took the time to make a review. The time I spent here with my mother in multiple occasions, she was treated poorly. They take hours to do anything and quick to taking blood. She has severe COPD and the lack of care for respretory is sad. They almost never have there stuff together and run around like chickens and not really giving us any clues of what they want to do. We dread coming to this hospital and only come by ambulance if we are not able to drive. Compared to Shawnee hospital, the treatment and staff are extremely different. What as Shawnee was to help you feel comfortable and at ease with treatment fast, this place is slow to it. They take their time with everything. When you tell them about your problems they take it with a grain of salt. (6 months ago)

I can honestly say that the Asian guy he's a younger er doctor is a joke he must not like his job . I've heard nothing but bad things about him and between my wife and dads experience I'll tell you why . My dad went about two weeks ago he's in his late 50s in my life he's been to ER twice that I know of well the other night he was in tears due to something wrong with his shoulder he was refusing to go but after the pain was unbearable he finally decided to go it was a Saturday night . Well of course guess what doctor was working . First thing the doctor told him before evaluating him was why did he come here he's not going to give him pain pills ! Well he didn't as much as touch my dads shoulder no X-rays and told him it's a muscle strain and to go see his Primary physician . Not a single thing dove however now he will be stuck with an emergency room bill for literally getting no help and back to the pain pill comment my dad doesn't take anything but ibuprofen and was turned away with no help or no medical evaluation , upon seeing his doctor he has a separated shoulder and is still in pain and can't use his arm .Now my wife's experience she had went in due to what was a kidney stone the doctor literally told her to drink beer she would eventually pies it out no pain medication. Or X-rays done turned away nothing done to help and stuck with a bill ! she had to have surgery and a stent put in two weeks later due to the kidney stone being stuck . This doctor is a joke and needs to find a new profession he's in the wrong line of business .i hope he will reads this review o wish ther was an option for zero stars . (7 months ago)

Our daughter was killed in a car accident and her husband and two children (7 & 9) were taken to this hospital. The staff there was wonderful! They made a very difficult situation much easier to bear. They were just lovely. Can't say enough good things about them. (a year ago)

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