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PRYOR, OK 74361


Alliancehealth Pryor is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Mayes County, OK.

Alliancehealth Pryor does not have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Alliancehealth Pryor is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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On the 21st of july 2017 i was put in hospital for stomach pain. I had diverticulitis. The put a iv in so i could get antibiotic faster. Later in evening i started hurting in my chest which the nurses quickly did a ekg. Luckly it was just stress. What i want to say is the great care i got from all medical staff but there were these four nurses. One was rn pam then michele and gina and another nurse with her hair short very nice fixed and she was old blonde. Very sweet. All the years ive lived here and been to doctors and nurses. These ladies of healing were awesome. Thank you nurse rn pam and your ladies. Im still not feeling well so i could be back. But thank you for truly caring and God bless Kathy laughlin (11 months ago)

The ER staff that was there last Tuesday (3-22-17) night saved my life, I came in having a heart attack, the ER doctor, I do not remember Her name was very professional, she knew exactly what to do, the ER staff did all they could do until life flight got there to take me to Hillcrest. Many thanks to the ER staff that night, they saved my life. (a year ago)

Did you watch the movie, MISERY? That was my experience in my room. 1. E.R. Doctor was great. Dr. Brooks? 2. Mark in radiology was great. 3. The Egyptian doctor took good care of me during and after my stress test. The nurses couldn't even take care of 4 patients. NEVER going to be admitted there EVER again. (2 years ago)

Absolutely horrible. All they wanna do is get you out as fast as they can. I went in for my back not long ago and they said it was just a pinched nerve. Well turned out its a lot more than that. That place is a total waste of time and I would rather drive another 25 to Claremore, than have to sit in there for 2-3 for them just to tell me that they can't do anything but give me pain pills. Ugh. Never again will I go there. (a year ago)

Had my husband in with chest pain, they completed EKG, Chest X-ray, had IV in and labs within the first few minutes after our arrival. The EKG was normal everything else came back within a hour. He only had Acid Flux which he was already being treated for. It was nice that DR GARY BROOKS( the acting ER doctor) took the time to explain how we would know the difference, he took the time to check in with us several times in the time we where there. (1 3/4 hours). I also found out that with pain if you are going to take aspirin as suggested with chest pains its 4 baby aspirins. In all the times we have been to this ER we have never had long waits. The doctors for the most part listened I will say some are better than others but you find that very where. We have been there for everything to Granddaughter with Ear aches on weekends, stitches, UTI to ATV Rollovers. (2 years ago)

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