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news update: aultman health foundation and alliance citizens health association sign letter of intent for the affiliation of alliance community hospital.

Alliance Community Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Stark County, OH.

Alliance Community Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Alliance Community Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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I'm currently pregnant and went into the er due to dizziness and feeling very weak and faint. I notified them that I had been experiencing diarrhea and that I had been dry heaving. I would normally visit my primary Doctor however it was after hours. I notified them of my pregnancy and They never took my weight or my temperature even after I complained of feeling warm internally. They basically treated me for dehydration with an iv drip however they never checked my levels again. I also complained of an intense headache and lower abdominal cramping but nothing was done for either. I left that night feeling the same way I came. The next day while out getting Tylenol, pedialyte, and propel to self treat myself I fainted and hit my head. I should've never been released from their care without them thoroughly checking me out. Not to mention I'm 12 weeks pregnant and now I have to deal with severe headaches and intense backaches since my fall as well as being checked for a concussion since I hit the floor so hard. When asked about an ultrasound to ensure everything was ok they stated that it wasn't an emergency so it was no need. I am dissatisfied and I would think twice before visiting again. Yes they were nice but nice isn't enough in a matter of life of death, not only my life was put in jeopardy but my unborn child as well. (a month ago)

Caring, Compassionate, Knowlegable Staff, Smaller Hospital (in compairison), Yet Nice, Clean Atmosphere Inside and Out, Private Rooms, Great Place for Medial Care and Employment. (2 months ago)

Dr. Grimes a horrible doctor. In my case and my brothers. My case- I was having a lot of back problems and I had to end up seeing a specialist. I had to get a referral and it took 3 weeks and he had me call my health care provider to see who they cover. That should be his job to see who. I was calling every day about it and said I don't know what kind of doctor they want me to see. And he only took care of one problem per visit. (Assuming for more money from my health care provider.) Brothers case- my brother has been getting hives on his legs. So he went to see dr. Grimes. He prescribed him a pill. Then a week later his leg was swollen. He made an appointment with Grimes again. My brother wasnt aware that his insurance elapsed. So they called him back and dr. Grimes walked in and said I hear you don't have insurance. My brother said yes. And dr. Grimes walked out. Again in it for the money and not the care of the patients. Also it's illegal for him not to see my brother. They have to see the patients even if they don't have insurance. Dr Grimes is in it for the money and not the patients I do not recommend going to him. Or alliance hospital. They are nothing but money hungry... (2 months ago)

I sat in the waiting room for an hour with difficulty breathing and was never triaged. This hospital works with the efficiency of a turtle in a pool of molasses so if you have a genuine emergency go to Aultman hospital instead. (3 months ago)

I called yesterday to give my verbal consent for my parents to take my son to the emergency room. I couldn't get ahold of his pediatrician so at the time I really didn't know what to do because he's only 3 years old. The lady told me that there was a two-and-a-half-hour wait in the emergency room and got smart with me and asked me why I didn't give him medicine already. She kind of smirked about it and acted like I was dumb for not giving my son medication for it. Long story short my son is constipated and we've never had to use a stool softener or laxative so I wasn't sure how much to use on a three-year-old and I wasn't going to take the chance when he's never had this problem before. I did not appreciate her tone of voice and I've never really cared for Alliance Hospital. If I don't have to go there I won't I choose to go to Aultman Hospital and I will continue to go there. (6 months ago)

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