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Since 1932, Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital has been the community hospital of the Upper Valley, delivering high-quality health care where patients come first.

Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Grafton County, NH.

Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I am writing to express my extreme gratitude for the care I received at the Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital recently. From the E.D. Staff , to the comfortable/quiet healing environment, amazing menu and professional Med-Surg staff, my stay was exceptional. I chose to come here for this personalized TLC, and I was definitely NOT disappointed.. I will highly recommend your hospital to my family and friends. THANK YOU ALL. (3 months ago)

Our daughter had her baby here. Labor and delivery went wonderfully. The problems came afterwards. Our daughter chose to breastfeed and was doing well with it. Her baby got a little jaundice only 6.8 mind you 20- 25 is worrisome. A young nurse forced her into using a breast pump and a plastic adaptive piece over her nipple at the same time. This resulted in an inch long blood to the surface pinch mark just above her areola. When I spoke to staff about it they acted like nurse would not have done this, furthermore my daughter threw in the towel on breastfeeding after this. There are other methods to encourage milk let down such as compress and massage. I asked the staff to talk to her about continuing breastfeeding maybe send a lactose consultant instead they send an rn in who was emotionally bulliing and manipulative even insinuated that our daughter wasn't strong enough to handle the breastfeeding, mind you our daughter birthed an 8 lb 4 oz baby with no drugs at all. Nurse was extremely pushy to the point of calling the pediatrician and getting an order for my daughter to bottle feed claiming the baby was too dehydrated and had pediatrician call our daughter....guess what the very next morning our daughter was engorged with milk and now won't breastfeed because of all of this. Because of their ridiculous overreacting our daughter was physically and emotionally done. (11 months ago)

I have to admit,having always worked at large teaching medical centers as an RN,I was most skeptical when touring this small community hospital. Once becoming a patient there,I was immediately embraced by the caring,competent staff. During my multiple night stays post THR I had excellent nursing care, housekeeping, dietary...(once in Jan2016,& the other in May 2017) I especially received fabulous care from Irma RN(7am-7pm shift),Lauren CNA(7am-7pm),& I believe it was Kerry RN(nite shift).& many others whom I apologize to for not remembering their names. Altho One word of advice that I'd like to share is for the staff to limit their socializing to inside the nursing station & not to carry on outside the patients rooms in the hallways,it made it difficult to rest at times (obviously they enjoy working together & that's paramount!) Thank you again, Dr & Mrs Linda Capasso (a year ago)

My mother-in-law was recently admitted to the hospital through their Emergency Dept and was treated there for the next 10 days. She was gravely ill with multiple problems and the entire Med/Surg and Rehab staff were attentive, skilled, sensitive and performed miracles with her. Our family feels so fortunate to have been able to have our Mother there and grateful for all that was done to help her so much. (2 years ago)

We came to Alice Peck on a Friday evening when my youngest daughter's arm was bothering her after some rough sibling play. Not only were the administrators, nurses, and doctor kind, they quickly diagnosed her with a dislocated elbow and kept us all calm while they treated the injury. We were in and out in under an hour. Being from out of town, we didn't know where to go and are thankful Alice Peck Day was the closest hospital! Great, expedient care. (2 years ago)

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