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Alhambra Hospital Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Los Angeles County, CA.

Alhambra Hospital Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Alhambra Hospital Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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I was today 12:40 3/5/2018 in the hospital. the IBA history Tell I'm at work fell ill while working my employer recommend any suspicious material found in this place even though I knew that my employer and the owner of the hospital very close acquaintances I knew beforehand what will the result of my warnings were confirmed. I looked and realized that when I have problems I doctor said that insurance does not cover and I need another doctor. My question is ill I or not, he did not answer said you should find a doctor and that I supposedly ill not work. I am very surprised because the doctor does not appear and claim to give a verdict where I got sick and where no he can't. This whole story to my employer that the doctor wrote that I'm supposedly not at work sick)))) I am not who I do not recommend this Hospital because there may falsify the results and this is very serious! Never go there there may lie!! (2 months ago)

Worst er staff ever. My mom had a extremely bad allergic reaction and couldn't breath good. They took forever in waiting room then when they gave her a bed to sit on in the hall way it's now been over an hour and they still hasn't seen her and haven't given her any medicine. The nurse Stefan is the rudest person ever. He is arrogant and should not be working with people and should be fired. Dr Rajper is the worst Dr i have ever seen. This staff just amazes me how dumb people could be and how could they we working in a hospital. Please don't go here especially if they are on staff go somewhere eles it could save your life. Seriously if someone is having trouble breathing don't put them off to the side for over an hour with no medicine and not checking on them at all. That's so messed up. Don't go here . (a month ago)

Worst er staff Dr Rajper and the head er nurse Stefan is horrible. Please don't go here and if Stefan is on staff be careful he is mean to patients . I came in dizzy and short of breath and he was so mean to me. I can go on on how he was mean, rude, and disrespectful. I am not sure how he is a head nurse he when he should not be allowed around people in need of help. He should be fired. I wish the hospital would see this. Warning people go somewhere eles please for your own good. (a month ago)

My Mother was treated like some sort of 'experimental' person for incompotent doctors and some nurses...sad She had lost Her life in such a terrible way. The person who handles transporting Her to another facility for a second opinion kept telling us other doctors such as ucla and usc (eventhough we had a bed for Her) did not want to accept Her. I think these groups of people worked together to cover up their mistakes. All we wanted was a second opinion so that we know for sure it was an end stage and not be hopeful. So we can bring Her home and let Her see sun light and stars of the night, feel the breeze and see the trees, have proper bathing and feel the warmth of Her bed; to make Her feel comfortable. For Her to hear my voice telling Her I LOVE HER before Her final resting... They ended up sending us to garfield medical center where some of the nurses don't know how to treat pressure ulcers and caused her to have other infections. Her primary doctor didn't had a clue because alhambra did not send documents so he can at least address her properly (it wasn't his fault.) Shame on you alhambra for not doing your job right! After hours of sobbing, our aching hearts refused to leave just we went back. What I saw was that these people have no respect or remorsed for a human body. What's more sickening was that Her body was left inside the room unattended, no one to clean Her or at least cover Her with a clean, white sheet... May Karma and the Universe have Justice!!! And may I mend my aching heart to the way my Mother have always taught me: FORGIVE...if time can heal then time itself I would considered a MIRACLE! Avoid these two hospitals. And add to your listing as well: usc keck. Especially a cardiothoracic person by the named anthony kim. I used to have respect for keck since most surgeons I used to worked with are talented and humble. I'll never be under their roof again even if they pay me 100/hr. him and his colleagues ruined their reputation terribly. Chief of cardiothoracic??? Please!!! I vomited inside my mouth. (a month ago)

I had my pre employment exam done today, Dr. Shen of employee health department is fantastic with the nurse who assisted me there. I had my xray which was done so quick. CJ who drew my bloodworks was great too. Awesome hospital with magnificent people! (a month ago)

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