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ALBANY, NY 12208

Albany Medical Center Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Albany County, NY.

Albany Medical Center Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Albany Medical Center Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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I understand so many negative reviews - people are generally only at a hospital during stressful times. My father had a stroke and was brought to Albany Med from Ellis, and spent a month in ICU and a few more in normal treatment before a bed opened up at a rehab facility. I was at Albany Med 6 days a week for several hours at a time after work and not once was I disappointed in the treatment or service offered. The facility was always clean, the nurses and attendants were always responsive and understanding, and always did their absolute best to accommodate everyone - even when under pressure from HUNDREDS of other families in the same situation. There are literally HUNDREDS of processes and procedures that hospitals must adhere to, from intake to release, that are designed to protect the patients, families, and the hospital itself, and many times people fail to realize that these policies aren't hoops that can just be jumped through at a whim. The staff at this hospital have saved more lives and eased the suffering of so many more; for people to leave a 1-star rant because an over-worked nurse wasn't able to bring them an apple juice in a timely manner is absurd. (a month ago)

This hospital sucks. My son was sent here from another hospital. We were in the triage area for almost 2 hours before going to a room. We were told that the nurse would be right in. We are still waiting after 15 minutes while nurses are just standing around talking. My definition of right in is definitely different than the medical staffs. (2 months ago)

So after a 12 hour wait we finally gotten discharged. My girlfriend and I where kept in the hallway with no nurse bell around. Nobody came to check on her only after me walking up to the desk and getting someone for her. The staff simply doesn't care and is ALL college kids except for the doctors ofcourse. My back was hurting so much from sitting in the chair I asked for a recliner and waited 2 hours for that until I MYSELF walked around and gotten one. The place is filthy and the food is nasty will be posting pics soon. I've had it with the lack of care we received and I will not be returning. Albany med isn't what it used to be. (in the last week)

My mother was admitted through the trauma center at Albany Medical Center on June 21, 2018 for a broken orbital bone and nose fracture. Everything was going well until she went to an inpatient room. After several requests to give my mother her hydrocortisone for Addison's disease and explaining how important it was, she became unresponsive because they did not give it to her in time. She also should have had an IV for hydration that was delayed well beyond a reasonable time. I am giving one star because the trauma team were great, but what good is that if you get to the floor and aren't given your life saving medication and hydration after a tramatic facial injury. If you choose to go here you must advocate for the patient and bump yourself up the supervisor ladder till you get what you want. In our case it was too late, she became unresponsive. She is alive and doing well only because of my sisters not the hospital. (2 weeks ago)

If you have a loved one at this hospital, make sure you remove ALL jewelry off of them, because staff will steal. Someone used heavy duty metal cutters to snip the rings off of my mother's fingers--her hands were swollen due to her medical condition, so we couldn't remove them the normal way. But someone who works here knew how to get them off of her using force and avoid the security cameras. Disgusting. A police investigation unfortunately found no suspect. We are still heartbroken and humiliated. SHAME on Albany Med. (2 weeks ago)

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