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AIKEN, SC 29801

Aiken Regional Medical Centers in Aiken, SC is a 245-bed hospital providing treatment for emergencies, orthopedics, maternity, mental health and more.

Aiken Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Aiken County, SC.

Aiken Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Aiken Regional Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

Location and Directions


Went in for blood work in lab. Well while there I really didn't feel well so after lab work went straight to ER and no wait they took me straight back. Thanks to the staff and Doctor Miller for all. Great and respectful staff thanks to all. (a month ago)

Aiken Regional will try to RIP off patients. My daughter was seen in the ER and my insurance paid the bill based on contract sent an EOB stating I did not owe anything. Aiken Regional sent me a bill for almost $1,000. I called them and they said they would take care of it. I received a collections notice in the mail because they sent it over too collections. Watch your Bill's from them they try to collect more money then what is owed!!!!! They will RIP you off for very poor patient care.......please dont use this hospital!!!!!! (in the last week)

This was my experience over 2 years ago, but felt I would share it: 5 Stars for the doc and staff that saved my life and the ER staff that recognized the situation and got me treated quickly. Now I subtract 2 stars for the remainder of my stay. I was told that when I was in a coma that I was found sliding out of the bed twice and my friend had to go get someone before I fell out. Upon waking from the coma I inquired about having a shower. "Sure, just go ahead." I hadn't been on my feet in 3 days and almost fell. The day I was released the staff was very nice and walked me down to where I had parked my car the day I entered the ER. I asked for my wallet and keys from the woman on duty. She said the person with the keys was busy and wouldn't be back for an hour. I was told to sit in the ER waiting area with the other patients. I was in disbelief! I was told there was no way to get the key and I'd just have to wait or call someone. She seem to enjoy the authority. I looked out the window and there sat my car, the keys and my wallet locked a few feet away from me. I remembered that I'd hidden a key under the car and proceeded to drive myself home without my wallet. I picked up my keys and wallet the next day. I felt very disrespected and that the person had no compassion for what I had just been through. (a month ago)


My mom, who has been in excruciating pain for a few weeks, has been to this Hospital four different times because this is where her doctor has told her to go. The 1st time, they "diagnosed" her problem, gave her meds and sent her home. The 2nd time, she was taken there by ambulance, was admitted for couple of days, "diagnosed", AGAIN, and released. The 3rd time, she went there, the ER staff was so rude to her that she felt so uncomfortable, belittled and disrespected, she left! Finally, after getting in touch with her doctor, she was admitted again. Her 2nd day, after being taken out of ICU, NO ONE brought her lunch. When she called about it, she was told they didn't know what happened to it and NEVER brought her anyting! Why would they treat people that way? And would they appreciate it if someone did that to their loved one? NO! My mom will NEVER go back to this Hospital again!!! I cannot believe that they would allow their staff to treat people this way! University Hospital in SC and GA seem like they just do not care about their patients anymore! So very disappointed!!!! (in the last week)

Took my 76 year old mother to ER last week for severe pain. Found out she has fractures on her pelvis. After all the negative reviews I have read on this hospital I was nervous. Fortunately I have to say all I have seen was caring nurses and doctors. They have taken care of her and constantly check up on her. I believe that most people only leave reviews if negative not positive so I figured I would be different. So far for my first experience with this hospital I can't complain. (2 months ago)

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