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Advocate Lutheran General Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Cook County, IL.

Advocate Lutheran General Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Advocate Lutheran General Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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I have been to other hospitals in the United States and this is easily the worst. The practice is easily the worst, especially gynecology and pediatrics. It almost seems like they are more concerned about making money than they are about actually getting the patient well. One of my children was born here to my wife and some nurses (one to be precise) were so rude. As somebody mentioned below there is a shortage of staff and the existing staff is over worked. Plus my daughter's case was handled really badly here and in the end the blame was put upon me. Thankfully we went to Lurie children's hospital for my daughter and she is now coming along really well. Terrible hospital and terrible practice. Don't be fooled by the building, this is not a place you want to come to in order to get well. (a week ago)

I had multiple surgeries done by Dr. Jacobs at Lutheran General and absolutely in love with their service. Staff members are very helpful and every time it’s a good experience when I go there. Thank you for your care! (3 weeks ago)

They KILLED my dad!!!!!!!! He had a good prognosis and KATHY MILLER KILLED HIM!!! MANAGER OF SICU UNIT!!! They took him in for a minor 15 min procedure... didn't come get us for 10 hours and when we walked back to see him he was on life support. Hospital is short staffed and staff is all burned out - do not preform up to standards they're just too busy. No one ever explained what happend he's just dead and my daughter is heartbroken. They ruined a family. (a week ago)

My sister and I came to your hospital's Emergency Room last night (11/29/17) trying to get some treatment started for her son (my nephew). We arrived at 7:00 pm and finally left in frustration at midnight to go try another hospital. We weren't the only ones trying in vain to get treatment. There were people in obvious pain and distress who were not being cared for as well, some of them having to wait for seven or eight hours. One woman was experiencing severe chest pains for about six or seven hours before she was taken in to a room for treatment. We saw no attempts being made to inform anyone of them about the long wait to which they were being subjected. Many of these people needed immediate treatment but nothing was being done to help or inform them of the reason(s) for them being "abandoned" by the hospital staff. In conversations with some of the people who were waiting as long or longer than we were, we learned that is more the "norm" for Advocate Lutheran than an exceptional event. This situation for us, as well as for all the others in the ER, was inexcusable. If you have any choice of where to go for quick, caring treatment, go anywhere you can, except Advocate Lutheran General! It should be avoided at all costs! (3 months ago)

my son was 4 when he taken to general for stomach pain. when arrived a DR. Money(yes it is real, no joke) wanted me to sign release for him do an emergency appendicitis. i asked him is it normal for 4 years old to get appendicitis removed, Dr. $$$$ said "around 50% 4 years old get it done." what? i thought i need get my son out of this butcher shop. i asked him how do u know is appendicitis, DR. $$$$ points at middle of the stomach and says "that is where the pain is and that how he know is appendicitis" what? i am no doctor but that is not where your appendicitis because i had mine removed. i also know my son and knew it was gas and mentioned to him. at which point he got all upset and want to call the security to have me removed, so i calmed myself down and waited till i was alone with my son and get him one of biggest burbs in the history or burbs. all my son said after that he was hungry and no more pain. now what kind of doctor don't know difference between gas appendicitis. they still would not release son until they did some unnecessary x-ray and cat scan, really. never take your kids here. (2 months ago)

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