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Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Cook County, IL.

Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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My wife delivered our second baby girl here and again it was a wonderful experience. Everyone here was working to their best and they really aimed to my wife’s best care. My baby got the best care from the pediatric staff. I really want to thank Advocate Masonic administration for this great work. (2 months ago)

We just had our Baby girl here and were considerin other hospitals after getting some recommendations from friends and I am so happy we stayed here. The doctors, nurses, and staff went way above and beyond for us. They were not only great with our baby girl but they really took time to get to know us and teach us things we needed to know. They were so friendly that we feel it allowed us to ask even more questions and feel much more confident about taking care of our new child. That same friend that recommended another hospital visited and said she was even impressed with how great the staff here is. Special thank you to Wanda for teaching me how to swaddle, Liz for helping us with feeding at 3am which helped our baby to get enough food to stop losing weight and actually put a little back on, Krystle for spending so much time with us, Brittany, Anna, Vania, Emma, Deborah, Marcia, Shannon and so many more that im having trouble remembering names because im on 2 hours of sleep. And of course Dr. Reis for doing a great job getting our baby out! Cant say enough good things but when are ready for number 2 we are coming right back here. (in the last week)

This is one of the worst hospitals I have ever been to. My daughter was involved in a motor vehicle accident 2 years ago yesterday. She was riding a Vespa and a van ran a red light hitting her at about 40mph (the police est.) throwing my daughter approximately 40-50 ft. She hit her head on the pavement, unfortunately she was not wearing her helmet, she was taken to this hospital with all of her identification on her, her drivers license, insurance cards, etc., by the time she got to the hospital she was in distress and had to be put on life support.The hospital did a CT scan of her head and an X-ray of her left shoulder because they noticed it looked abnormal, they did no further X-rays or ct scans. Remember, she was on a motorcycle hit by a van going about 40 mph! Her family was never notified that she was in the hospital, we live approximately 4 hours away from her. Her employer called me, her mother, the following day, (Monday) to inform me that my daughter never showed up for work, which is not something my daughter would ever do. I immediately started calling friends to find out where she might be and all they knew was she went on a "blind date" on Saturday and never made it home!! Of course we all thought the worst - she had been killed, kidnapped, sold, whatever else could possibly have happened? Well her brother, his girlfriend, and other friends and I started calling all the hospitals, the police and anyone we could think of to start the search for her, after our third call to Advocate Masonic my son's girlfriend was finally told, oh yea there is a girl here by that name but if your not family we can't tell you anything! I got on the phone and said, I am her mother, what is going on with my daughter? I was then told, well she isn't doing very well, she was involved in a serious accident and is on life support - I couldn't drive the 4 hours fast enough. After 3 weeks of hell we discovered that not only did she have a traumatic brain injury, a broken left shoulder, but she also had 3 fractured vertebrae that they totally missed because they didn't bother to do any further X-rays or ct scans once they knew she had a brain bleed!! All they could tell her and me was she needed to stop screaming about the pain and stop asking for pain medication because she was obviously just wanting the high and she wasn't in pain. I asked for her records and and removed her against medical advice and brought her to Springfield IL, St. Johns hospital where they discovered that not only did she have the 3 fractured vertebraes but she also had bacteria menenjites from the brain injury. We are very lucky she is alive today and able to function as well as she is. She suffers every day in extreme pain due to their negligence. I wouldn't take anyone to this horrible place, they were so unkind to my daughter and to not notify a family that their child was on life support when they had all of her information is just uncalled for. They need to have their license revoked. I would sue them if I thought I wouldn't be tied up in legal fees for years upon years upon years. This is the worst treatment I have ever had to experience in my life and unfortunately I am the mother of not 1 child with a traumatic brain injury, but 2, her brother suffered an assault 10 years before she did, so this wasn't our first experience with what was happening. (a month ago)

Their Behavioral Health Program is phenomenal. You can tell they really care about their patients. I also was there in the past for physical health issues. I was in pain and no one at my regular doctors office knew what was wrong. The doctor's at Illinois Masonic immediately knew what was wrong within 10 minutes and treated me with the utmost respect and really helped me get better. Also their Behavioral Health Program is one of the best in Chicago. If you are able to, please go to Illinois Masonic. (4 months ago)

I had to select a least one star to provide a review. In my opinion you don't deserve any stars. I learned my sister was at your emergency room. When I arrived she was lying there no cover. Her breathing heavy. She was was knocked out. She was not even aware that me and my other sister had entered the room. Fifteen minutes later an African American male enters the room. He did not brother to introduce himself. He asked if we were there to pick her up. I replied, "we had no idea what has transpired". He started calling off a list of drugs she had received. A number of test She received, which were all negative. He stated that he told her to call someone to pick her up. She was being discharged. I replied, "that she was knocked out and in no position to contact anyone". I asked if a list of the drugs she received would be listed in her discharge papers. He said no. She would have to request a copy of her medical if she wants to know what drugs she received. Keep in mind my sister is knocked out unable to function on her own. When he handed me the discharge papers I asked him you list the drugs she received. He was reluctanted to name them all. He said he would get a wheelchair for my sister and that I could sign the release papers. It was evident by even a lay person that she was in no position to sign anything. My sister had to you assist my sister to the bathroom and help her to dress. Trying to keep her from falling off the name side of the bed. I told my sister to watch her. I went to look for the African American male. I said to him where is the wheelchair. He replies, oh yea. I mentioned to him that I would sign the discharged papers only to release my sister sister and requested a copy. He did not give a damn about her condition. Who sends someone home half unconscious. Refusing to provide a list of medication provided and the time it was last administered. He finally shows up with the wheelchair ask me if I wanted to push the name wheelchair. I told him no. He could handle it. He pushes her to the front counter of the emergency room and leaves. Arrogancy at it finest. His job is caring for people. That would require a soul. He should work on a garbage truck. Since he has no idea about how to treat human beings. I will file a formal complaint. (a month ago)

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