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Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Lake County, IL.

Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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CV-ICU staff was incredible. They saved my husband's life and treated me and our family with compassion and respect. They referred to my husband by name, making him a person and not a "case." In our darkest hours they were supportive and reassuring. They were invested in the holistic well-being of our entire family from the desk in the lobby to the janitorial teams, from nurses to surgeons. I'm a complainer... I haven't got a single complaint. Amazing people. They define healers. (in the last week)

Everybody from the front desk to the nurses to Dr. Bannen was compassionate and clearly cared about me. They took care of me very quickly (they just took the bare minimum of information from me before sending me back since my case was urgent). And they all made sure I was comfortable and warm and they wouldn’t let me go home until it was safe, even though I wanted to. (2 months ago)


Most uninvested doctors ever encountered. Two admissions of my father two weeks apart, got two completely different diagnoses, prognoses, and treatments. Same day they tried to discharge him, gave two emergency IV treatments. (in the last week)

If I could give this hospital more stars I would. Me and my family have been here for 5 days now. I have yet to encounter a Doctor or Nurse that wasn't compassionate and understanding. The Nurses on the 4th floor of the west wing specifically treated my father like their own, explained in detail of what was going on and made my father and us as a family feel comfortable to the best of their ability. I believe that they go above and beyond to make their patients have the best stay and care possible. I wouldn't of taken my father anywhere else. I wish I could thank each nurse and tech individually for the care they provided, but I guess this will have to do. Thank you specifically to Geraldine and Sam on the 4th floor, you guys are angels. I swear it. (2 months ago)

Had surgery at this hospital with far less than satisfactory results. Doctors are required to supply education prior to surgery and what was given didn't even touch the surface of what could and did happen to me. The surgeon lacks the ability to fully inform his patients of the consequences of his procedures. Beware, seek other opinions, and don't trust them. Also, spent an episode in their ER, which was a total waste of time. I was there for help and all they could do was act as if I was there seeking drugs. Please! Not everyone seeks drugs and good people really need help. Start treating people with the respect they deserve. Don't always assume you have all the answers and degrade people with your discriminatory attitudes. Help Them! I had a CT scan at this hospital and was never told that I had a device floating around in my abdomen. After my hysterectomy, I had another CT due to problems and at that time I was asked if I had metal in my body because something was showing up on the scan. I said no, not that I knew. I was then shown the object and I realized it was a clip from my tubal. I was of course very upset. I had asked the surgeon to make sure they were removed during my hysterectomy, and now here it was. Come to find out it was floating around for some time because it was on the previous scan from this hospital. I was never told about it and if I had know prior to my hysterectomy it could have been removed at that time. The one who read the first CT never even seen the clip and told me I had a kidney stone, which I now realize was my other clip showing up on the scan prior to my hysterectomy. Such poor service. This goes to show one that they will hide the truth whenever they can. This makes me believe that the welfare of their patients is really not what is important to them, hiding the truth is. (5 months ago)

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