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Advocate Condell Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Lake County, IL.

Advocate Condell Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Advocate Condell Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I had previously been a patient at Condell for a series of surgeries. My experience with the hospital and staff was then EXCELLENT. However, this review is for the Wound Clinic, which was a mixture of excellent and terrible. I went to a wound clinic in another state, and then returned to Illinois for the summer. The first wound clinic told me to follow up here and get in ASAP after my return. So, on the same day as my last appointment at the first wound clinic, I called Condell Wound Center and gave them a 2-week notice. On this same day, I made arrangements for the first wound clinic to send my records to Condell. It was a good thing I called Condell early, as there was about a 2-week wait for new patients. I was asked several questions about my history and insurance, and was given a 2-hour intake appointment. I thought it was odd that, the day prior to this appointment, I did not get a reminder call. So I called the wound clinic. Not only did they not have me on their schedule, but they had no idea who I was - no file, nothing. The person with whom I spoke was very nice, but said it would probably take about 2 weeks to be seen. She offered a call back the next morning, which I declined, having decided to find another place. Surprisingly, I did get a call back, stating my appointment time was now available to me. Huh? I accepted and went in. The person who had screwed up my appoitment claimed he'd tried to call me repeatedly but got no answer. I checked my cell phone and found no calls, and no voice messages. It seems he preferred to blame me rather than man up to his error. My treatment at the wound clinic was excellent. Very thorough, very pleasant, very good care. Glad I went, but I wonder why the scheduling for an intake was so chaotic. (in the last week)

I recently visited Condell hospital ER for severe chest pain/pressure. I was unable to breath , could barely stand and was told I had all the symptoms of a stroke/heart attack etc. As I walked up to the building my chest pain quickly spread to my left arm and it went numb and heavy I could not lift it. I was nearly falling while the assistant at the ER check in window ignored me to take a personal call. When I entered into the ER they found that it was not only my arm that I had no feeling on my entire left side. They ignored the obvious serious signs stating, I am young. Though they ruled out Everything else. Dr. Collen and Yolanda, and nurse Amanda sent me for test stating they wanted to ensure they were covered (I would later realize what she meant) the techs who administered the test informed me "they were not taking my condition serious because I was young and it is sad". I was shocked they seemed nice, this tech cared more than the doctors. I was very kind to them and they were Seemingly kind as well, until I later overheard the Horrible jokes they were making of me and other patients at the nursing desk. They made jokes of a man in room 6 stating he had bed bugs. A 16yr old girl with abdominal pain, stating " I bet she's pregnant" and placing bets. Later to come back and celebrate that they were right. Fighting over who would take the patient with the chest pain and who would take the patient with the swollen legs. Complaining that the patient with the swollen legs would be more work stating "did you smell him" "I don't want to touch him." They laughed about an elderly lady who had been brought in after "falling on her butt and now had no feeling from the waist down". etc. They made a mockery of me as well. It went on non stop the 9+ hrs I was there I didn't say a word, the entire nursing staff took part at the expense of helpless patients. Until they realized I overhead disgusting , disturbing and horrible things they were saying. It is sad that wrong doing such as these go unheard because they are covered up and people lie for each other to protect their paychecks while helpless honest people suffer. (a month ago)

I went to the ER this past week and the experience was awful. I was 2 days post gall bladder removal and was having extreme breakthrough pain. At one point my pain was at a 10+ and my call button was ignored, I was yelling out for help and I hear someone say, “someone is yelling for help in there”. Help didn’t come for quite awhile. Aside from blood work, no tests were run to make sure there wasnt something wrong. At one point the DR. Advised they wanted me to drink some water, over and hour later the nurse came back to see if I was holding the water down...which had not been brought. I ended up going home with no answers. I did end up taking an ambulance to another hospital in the middle of the night. The surgical dept. was great, but I cannot recommend going to their ER unless you have no other choice. Oh, my husband just reminding me my IV bag sat empty but connected to my arms for hours. (a week ago)

The worst was when they sent me for a stress test with Dr. Robert Johnson (in cardiology) he came in like a bat out of (you know) as if he hated his job and I was part of it. As I was walking on the treadmill he asked me what I was there for as if I interrupted him watching his Sunday football game. I could barely breath yet attempted to answer his questions, I informed him that I felt I was going to pass out, he assure me I was fine despite my distress and firmly instructed me to continue and sped up the machine. I said okay being that I trusted a doctor had my best interest at heart. The 2 lady techs Ms. Medina and Felice seemed worried yet supported him. As it worsened I repeatedly pleaded with them I was going to pass out. He yelled at me to continue stating "nothing is wrong with you, you're young, you'll be fine!" , my eyes began to roll and I lost my footing, he yelled at me " keep your eyes open or you'll fall!" I said "I'm sorry I'm going to pass out" he yelled you have to get to 183 so we can make sure we did everything we could while testing you, you're only at 150 can you go 1 more min?..."NO, I'm sorry"..."Go one more min!" So I did and began to pass out just before I fell I place my feet on the safe sides of the treadmill and pleaded I can't go any further PLEASE!." He yelled and yelled even in different languages, NO! NO! YOU DON'T DO THAT NOW WE WILL HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN! NOW GET OVER THERE BEFORE WE HAVE TO START ALL OVER!! At this point the 2 techs joined in also in his support. I was still disoriented and asked them to please stop yelling at me. He replied I'M NOT YELLING AT YOU! and continued. The techs looked ashamed of how he was treating me yet said/did NOTHING and supported him. He stated "YOU DON'T DO THAT AND SINCE YOU DID IT'S NORMAL , WE ARE NOT DOING IT AGAIN... he repeated as if to convince himself "IT'S NORMAL!" He stated "we are done, is there anything else I can help you with?" I stated no, I did not feel comfortable with how he was treating me and him being in the room and I pleaded with him to please leave. At which point he then refused to leave the room, stating "I have aright to be here". He and his assistants were completely irate and to say the least unprofessional. When I asked how would you feel if you were treated this way and could they honestly say it was okay? They replied he was just "worried" and "they have known him a long time and support him" I overheard the doctor yelling in the hall, Ms. Medina was asked to come out while Felice stalled me from leaving and possibly over hearing . When I was wheeled by I overheard Ms. Medina say again she will support Dr. Johnson. They showed no concern or care simply diregarded my distress. I was then discharged with an apology from the nurse Amanda on behalf of the Doctors that " they just do not know what is causing my chest pain and the left side of my body being numb, that I should try another hospital" When I went to inform administration I was told that " being that I had a government medical card they are limited to what they can do and the government regulation make it impossible for me to be admitted to find out what is going on because they will not pay for it. After, I was sent out the door and kept from informing anyone of power. It is sad that wrong doing such as these go unheard because they are covered up and people lie for each other to protect their paychecks while helpless honest people suffer. (a month ago)

My 17 month old was admitted to the pediatric unit for pneumonia and I can't express enough how amazing all the nurses were. They were all very attentive, caring, thoughtful, helpful, and kind. I have 4 children and this was my first time having to have a child so young admitted into the hospital and I won't lie, its very scary, but they really made it comfortable for us. They all truly went above and beyond to make us comfortable. The pediatric nurses deserve a round of applause for all their dedication and hard work. Thank you ladies and young gentlemen. The love you have for children really shines through your work and I cant thank you all enough for helping my little one get well again. I would also like to thank the nurses in the emergency department that cared for my daughter as well. This applies to you ladies as well. Especially the young lady that did her I.v and brought us to her room. I'm sorry I didnt get your name, but you really helped me stay calm and you truly went above and beyond to help us feel comfortable. Thank you SO much! I can't express enough how thankful I am that I decided to bring my little one to advocate Condell. Thank you again, ladies and young man. Arya's mom. (a month ago)

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