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4440 W 95TH STREET, OAK LAWN, IL 60453
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4440 W 95TH STREET
OAK LAWN, IL 60453

Advocate Christ Hospital & Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Cook County, IL.

Advocate Christ Hospital & Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Advocate Christ Hospital & Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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We love the doctors and staff. Billing department sucks. They keep changing the account #s and billing gets so screwed up. Rude to talk to. My husband called to have me put on record to talk on his account. They have no record. This is not the first time this has happened. Can’t wait for my husband to go on Medicare so I don’t have to deal with them. (2 weeks ago)

My father has been hospitalized twice over the past 3 months, with heart and other issues. I cannot say enough about the kindness and quality of care provided by the nursing staff at Christ Hospital. Courteous, thoughtful, kind and attentive. Every single nurse I have encountered really cared about my dad and his well being. They also do a great job answering my questions and keeping me informed. (2 months ago)

My daughter was call to have a STAT ultrasound to rule out a blood clot in her leg. My daughter spend an hour and a half getting the run around. They told her she needed an appointment then they stated she need a referral for the test. REALLY ITS A STAT ORDER!!! Sad to say my daughter never got the test done until her Dr's nurse call to see find out what happen 3 days later. They told the nurse that they was waiting for my daughter to call them back since the hospital got the referral. The big picture is WHY would you let her leave. My child could have drop dead from a blood clot! Thank God she is good ! NEVER AGAIN! They need to reread their ADMISSION STATEMENT! (3 months ago)

I see so many post that say they are posting while waiting for hours in the ER waiting area. If you are well enough to post reviews it is possible you do not belong in an ER. It is after all an emergency room. People tend to misunderstand and abuse the purpose of emergency rooms. It takes much longer for everyone to be seen because not only do the doctors and nurses have to deal with the actual real emergencies they also have to deal with all the non-emergency patients that are there. I went to Christ Hospital and was in septic shock (a life-threatening medical emergency) from a lodged kidney stone and the triage nurse immediately sent me in because of dangerously low blood pressure. The doctors and nurses were incredible. I cannot praise the Emergency room staff and ICU staff enough. I am also very lucky they recognized the symptoms of septic shock and took immediate action. Hospitals have a triage nurse to take vitals and to see what is going on with each and every patient that walks in through the ER. Your vitals alone can tell the nurse how serious your condition is. An emergency room is under obligation to take the most critical patients first. If you walk in to an emergency room and you are not critical you need to expect to possibly wait hours depending on how many critical patients the hospital is getting during that time. You must be patient if you are not in a critical condition and want to be seen in an ER. If it is not critical it is usually best to be seen by a urgent care unit or your primary health care provider. Giving negative feedback for having to wait in the ER when the situation is not critical is not fair to the hospital. (2 months ago)

My 12 yo nephew needed surgery for seriously fractured ankle. He was scheduled for 8 am n told not to eat anything til after surgery since 10pm. Surgeon came out b4 to talk to mom n said waithing for anesthesiologist. He showed up at 1030 n spoke to mom no apology, nothing. In the meantime surgeon went into different surgery. Its after 11 am n still waiting for surgery. Kids STARVING. Bro got MRSA there way back. (3 weeks ago)

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