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Adventist La Grange Memorial Hospital ALMH. Amita Health Adventist Medical Center La Grange Illinois Health Services Including Emergency Services, Pediatric Care ...

Adventist La Grange Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Cook County, IL.

Adventist La Grange Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Adventist La Grange Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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My husband was brought in on Friday for a breakdown by police and lagrange hospital took it upon themselves to jab my husband in the throat ,leave him strapped to a bed with his genitals hanging out for the nurse to stare at while she worked. I was shown no respect when I wanted to find out how my husband got hurt. They lied to us. He sat there for 16.5 hours. They told him he had to talk to a social worker before he went home. Then they kept him but never said why. His throat is so raw he can't eat now. (3 weeks ago)

I took my daughter to the ER and we were satisfied by the attention we received there. A few weeks later we received a bill for almost $1400 dollars for this service which I had no choice but to pay, setting up a payment plan. I gave them my credit card to have the monthly payments automatically deducted from it bu this card expired and when I received the new one I tried calling them to give them the new number. I have been calling every day for the last two weeks waiting for a live person to answer for up to 40 minutes without any success. Their business hours suck specially on Friday when they operate between 8:30 am tob12:00 pm so I am forced to call from work. If this is the service I get when I try to pay my bill, I don’t know why I am gonna get if I need medical attention? (4 months ago)

This has been my hospital for 20 years, and I have had nothing but the most outstanding care. The doctors show a great deal of concern, knowledge and experience. I feel safe there. Two years ago, I had a large kidney stone removed in a procedure that required holes in my back and kidney. After surgery, liquid drained from my back at an unbelievable rate for two days. During the entire time, day and night, the nurses removed and renewed the dressing constantly, sometimes within minutes. Not one of them was anything but kind and attentive. No matter what the problem, unless I am too far away, I won't allow myself to be taken anywhere else. (10 months ago)

I visited the emergency room at La Grange hospital. I wish I didn't do it. For one hour and a half sitting in the bed and 7ml Motrin for my son I received $1050 plus doctor bill for $399.50. They didn't do anything special. Doctor visit was for less then 2 mins. I wonder for what is this bill. Why they are taking advantage of people and trying to get all of this money? What is that? This is redicilous!!! Update: I paid $20 last three monts to the hospital and $20 to the doctor. I don't think that the price that they charge me is fair for the service that I got! I think is way way to high! I tried to get explains for what I am paying. The lady from billing department instead of that told me to pay more for insurance so I can have less bills. I tried to talk to a supervisor but no one answer the phone. So now I received a mail from a debt collector to let me know that they sold my debt to them! just wow... Please, people make sure you do your research and read the reviews about hospitals and emergency rooms around you! Get yourself to know which hospital actually cares about her patients! (4 months ago)

My son was admitted through the emergency room last night. I can't begin to express my gratitude and appreciation. EVERY single staff member was and has been so kind and caring. The Doctors were very thorough with their examinations and diagnosis. They all have taken such good care of Alex and of me. We are traveling from out of country and they made sure we had everything we needed. Thank you! (11 months ago)

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