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Adventist Hinsdale Hospital AHH. Amita Health Adventist Medical Center Hinsdale Illinois Health Services Including Emergency Services, Pediatric Care, Cancer Care ...

Adventist Hinsdale Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Dupage County, IL.

Adventist Hinsdale Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Adventist Hinsdale Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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I am not sure if this is anything the hospital can do or if there is such a shortage of nurses and help. My sister was in surgery and we were told we would get updates throughout. We were first told that we would know something 30-60 minutes in, it was closer to 3 hours and even than were only told "she is ok, and that's all I can say." 2 hours in, I asked an employee in the unit about information, was informed she would check with the nurse and she never got back to us. I know my sister signed a waiver that I could be informed of her health care, and perhaps it was not in whatever file needed. It was about 6 hours from when she went in until we finally got to see her, and even then it was because we had to look for anyone who knew anything. I know the patient is primary responsibility, but not updating the family at all made an already tense day extremely difficult to manage. (in the last week)

Yesterday evening, I was called by my parents to hear the most saddening news that my grandfather had passed away at Hinsdale Hospital. The last time I saw him was two weeks ago and we went out to eat and he was healthy. I am away at college but hearing everything that had happened to my otherwise healthy grandpa in this hospital infuriated me beyond belief. Two days ago, my parents brought my grandfather to this hospital because he had a consistent cough. It turned out that he had pneumonia. Pneumonia in the elderly is very common and should be CLOSELY monitored because of the risk of anything happening. However, I was told by my mom that the doctors and nurses said there was nothing to worry about, but he should stay the night so they can keep a close eye on his condition. They hesitated with this because my grandma had passed away after spending a night in the hospital, but they agreed to letting my grandfather stay because professionals know best, right? Wrong. Fast forward to yesterday, my mom went to get my grandfather discharged when suddenly he could not breathe. This, of course, made my mother frantic and she called for any nurses out in the hallway of his room to say her father is choking. When I heard this from my mom, this immediately made me think it must have been Aspiration Pneumonia. But, to my absolute disbelief and heartache, one nurse told my mom "There is nothing that I can do" and that she needed to call a doctor. She was on the phone for FIVE minutes and care for my grandfather did not arrive for another 15 to 20 minutes but by that time my grandfather had already flatlined. He suffocated to death due to a nurse not noticing when a patient is in severe respiratory distress. This is complete medical negligence and the nurse should have took protocols to call CODE or Fast Bleep when she did not know what to do. She should have put high flow oxygen on, repositioned him, or grabbed a crash trolley and put an airway in. My grandfather died in severe distress and this is causing severe distress for my family. My mother called me this morning at 6AM sobbing with hoarseness in her voice because of how unfair the staff was with her and that this could have been prevented if someone had just listened to her. She begged nurses in the hallway to help her and no one immediately assisted her or my grandfather. I spent two hours consoling my mother over the traumatic experience of watching her own father choke to death and skipped classes today because of grieving over this unfortunate mishap and the loss of my grandfather. My mother also has to take 3-4 days off from work and I have to travel back home so we can make proper funeral arrangements with family and friends. We are definitely going to seek legal advice for wrongful death because clearly NOTHING was done in the 25 minutes that could have been used to save my grandpa's life. (a month ago)

This hospital seems to be more about money than caring for patients. My son was diagnosed w/lazy eye by one of their doctors when he was bor . Later (5 month later) we discoverer he had a cataract that was very easy to diagnose (per other doctors). Unfortunately, we used the same doctor in this hospital to care for our child. He used to charge us $3 extra (on top of co-pay), if we do not pay cash!!! All about money. (a month ago)

Currently sitting on the FLOOR in the emergency room there are "no room" available even though I just watched two open. after 5 people walked passed cassie got us chairs. This has got to be the strangest ER they keep asking why he even came here who told him to come here. Nurses and doctors are talking down the halls asking where they're taking a patient and I looked at his xrays couldn't find anything dont think that's very reassuring to hear. The initial nurse practitioner was extremely rude wish I could have caught her name, basically tried seeing if we would just leave instead of waiting.. (in the last week)

It is 3:10am 5-16-2018 I'm in a room that must be from the 70's I was not supposed to be here I had same day surgery yesterday at 3pm but some issues came up and had to stay. I've been coming here for years had other surgeries here never had a problem. I have pictures when I said something I was told you're only staying overnight what's the big deal. Really I don't care if your staying overnight or a month no one should ever stay in a room like this. I take medicine on a daily bases for my nerves and muscles and other things but needed that medicine because by midnight I had gone over 24hr . This doctor assistant or what ever she was the worst after she left over me HR no medicine no pain medicine I was in tears and screaming. They sent in some gray coat Dr who looked like they just woke up and was like what's the problem. Funny within oh 5-10 min meds show up he tried to cover her ass by saying they were on their way I told him that she could of taken two seconds to tell me. Then I asked him so what your telling me is that it takes over me HR to get your medicine by then some people would be dead. (2 months ago)

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