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SEAMAN, OH 45679

Welcome Adams County Regional Medical Center. Operating as a 25 bed critical access hospital in southern Ohio, we provide private in-patient rooms along ...

Adams County Regional Medical Center is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Adams County, OH.

Adams County Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Adams County Regional Medical Center is a government - local hospital.

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Took my 2 1/2 year old to get stitches in her forehead. I was told the lidocaine injection "worked instantly" female blonde hair Dr. started stitches immediately after a very quick rinse. I would say definitely within 30 seconds. My daughter was saying "it really hurts" and was crying and stuggling...tonight I look at onset time of lidocaine with epinephrine...some credible documents have said as little as 2 minutes others said 3-5 minutes. I am very angry the doctor chose to tramatize my daughter jamming a needle in her face repeatedly immediately instead of waiting a couple minutes for the anesthesia to set in...we were flat out lied to being told it works immediately, then basically my daughter was called a liar when she said it really hurts the doctor said basically it didn't hurt that she would be able to feel it but it don't was not busy. The doctor could have waited a few minutes. Pretty pissed off (2 months ago)

Had a life or death asthma attack and they had it calmed within 10 minutes. Saved my life! They were very fast and very professional I'm lucky this was the hospital I went to. (3 months ago)

My girlfriend and I came into the ER at 4 a.m. one more because she was having abdominal pains. We sign in, wasn't acknowledge for 7 minutes (I know it's not that long, but being acknowledged would've gotten us the paper work we needed to sign in completely), instead we had to complete this paper work while she was just being a lab rat (getting fluids, getting her vitals checked, being pushed on to locate the pain, etc.) Up to this point we're satisfied with the staff, they apologized for not checking the lobby while on a personal phone call (not work related nor important. Just a regular gossip conversation, I don't care about this, stuff happens.. they apologized) also our RN was very friendly and knowledgeable, she stated that she's been doing her job for 20+ years and the experience shows, she was very good at her job. The doctor comes in after the tests, says that she's fine. My girlfriend then contacts her old co-worker (very good OBGYN Doctor) he says she needs to come in today and made it very serious. ACRMC acted like there was absolutely nothing wrong except for a specific pain caused by something that she knew that it wasn't it (She also worked in the medical field and knew that this was definitely not true) and told her she could leave after only prescribing her some over the counter medicine and saying it shouldn't be a big deal. Discharged her and didn't even offer to escort her out of the hospital in a wheelchair. Which as far as I'm aware, is mandatory especially considering she was extremely drugged up by the doctors to help with the pain, she could barely walk, I had to help keep her walking straight while going to the car. (4 months ago)

This review is based ONLY on the emergency room. Not any other part of the hospital. I Took my 1 year old to the emergency room because he had a stomach bug and I couldn't get the fever down. I informed them that the ONLY reason I was there was to make sure he wasn't getting dehydrated due to vomiting and diarrhea, and to get help with his fever. That's it. I would have gone to my regular pedi but he was closed. I knew it was a stomach bug because everyone in our home had already gotten it and he was the last one and was exhibiting the same exact symptoms. He has never been sick before. Not once in his entire 1 year of life. No ear infections, not even a runny nose. The first doctor informed me that she wanted blood work, catheter to collect urine, and an x ray. I refused the cath because HE'S ONE YEAR OLD I told them to use a pee bag. She also informed me that i needed to give him one full tablespoon of Tylenol to get his fever down. They did not weigh him at all and just guessed his weight and dosage. I allowed the blood work and the x ray just to passify them. Well shift change comes and here comes a new doctor who claimes that he has an ear infection even though all his bloodwork came back negative for any bacterial infections. He wanted to inject him with antibiotics. I requested to see the injection insert packet to look over the list of addedtives because I do not agree with some of the ingredients some companies use to prolong shelf life. They refused to let me see the insert. I informed them that refusing to let me see the insert in illegal and the doctor told me "well just look it up on your phone " I told him ok but I also need to know the name of the manufacturer. He refused to tell me that also and said to just forget the injection. When I asked why, despite all my son's bloodwork coming back negative for any bacterial infections, did he think he had an ear infection he said because his ears were red. I asked him "doesn't that happen with high fevers and teething" the nurse proceeded to say "fevers over 102 are bacterial, under 102 are viral" which is a flat out lie. When I took my son to his regular pedi the next day (without the fever) he informed me my son did not have any signs of an ear infection and the fever thing they told me was wrong. These doctors and nurses literally lied to me to try and inflict pain on a 1 yo . They broke the law several times, and the second doctor told me not to bring my son back to that er or there would be a problem (which is also illegal btw). (a year ago)

I am curently at acrmc inpashant and conpletely satified with my stay could not ask 4 any better.except for the food has not ben good since my mom quit debbie souder best cook ever (3 years ago)

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