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Abrazo Maryvale Campus is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Maricopa County, AZ.

Abrazo Maryvale Campus does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Abrazo Maryvale Campus is a proprietary hospital.

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I know there a lot of bad reviews but we went anyway and I can honestly say from the moment we walked in, we talked with really nice nurses. We were in 10 min after we got there. The only thing was once we got to the room, the bed they were giving me still had a dirty sheet but the nurse noticed and was noticeably embarrassed. She changed the sheet and apologized. The doctor was really nice and to the point, nurses around were also great. We were in and out in about a little over an hour. It was a really good visit and I would go again to save time. (11 months ago)

The E.R staff really care... They work hard and you could tell they absolutely love what they do. I went in there feeling super crappy and they whipped me back into shape. They know what your respond to so they plan for your recovery...LOVE THEM (11 months ago)

This hospital needs a bath pronto!!! The doctors and the check-in nurse were awesome!! I went in on September 29th with my son, he was diagnosed with strep throat. I hope I never have to go to this facility again. The place reaks of germs and infections with the way it looks. I live on Maryland and 43rd ave and i will go to Banner or John C. Lincoln before I dot the doors at this hospital again. Please clean this place, the staff is awesome, they deserve a clean facility to practice in. (9 months ago)

Worked on an ambulance and got called here to transfer a post cardiac arrest to Arizona Heart..... I was doing a Critical Care Transfer and The patient was resuscitated by PFD and intubated on a ventilator. No maintenance infusions were started before I got there. I had to ask the RNs for an amio/ pressor / and propofol infusion so I can get the patient out of their ER alive. Patients Vent Circuit was full of blood from flash pulmonary edema nobody was suctioning, and this poor RN that was helping me was soo overwhelmed. That RN got 5 stars but the hospital around her gets 0 if I could. (7 months ago)

this hospital gets a bad rap but I am so impressed by the level of care I have received here! All the doctors are amazing! And the nurses wow they are saints!! They are so loving and caring every single one of them has treated me as if I was their flesh and blood! I am so blessed to have been broughten here to be cared for by these amazing people! (a year ago)

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