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Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital in Lincoln, Illinois, improving the health of the people and communities we serve in Logan County and eastern Mason County.

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Logan County, IL.

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Excelente Care and Services. The Staff are very nice, helpful and the whole facility is super clean with neat views. Don't forget to stop by The Woods Cafe inside the facility, with savoury foods at prices you can't beat anywhere else and with a very nice and smiling staff. (3 months ago)

If you have a major emergency please find a different place. I went in with my heart racing sweating and trouble breathing. Although they did do a work up to see if it was a heart attack they stopped there and diagnosed me as having a panic attack. IT WAS NOT A PANIC ATTACK!!! I was then told I'm not dying , don't need further testing so I can go home. I was treated like I was a waste of time. Well went to see my doctor today and I'm being sent to a heart doctor because I display all major symptoms of arthemia. So knowing this and knowing it is entirely possible I could have gone into cardiac arrest but it was passed off as a simple panic attack I will not be going back no matter how serious my issues are. (4 months ago)


The worst hospital I've ever received care from,multiple times. Unfortunately, this is the only hospital nearby in the Middle of Nowhere to go to. I almost died from an abcess that they misdiagnosed the few times i went in there, i finally had to go to Springfield to get the care and attention i needed and had found out it was Strep Throat that got so bad and was untreated(Lincoln tested for Strep and told me it was tonsolitis instead and gave me steroids, they couldnt even diagnose my Strep Throat with their lab test..hmm wonder if it even got sent off) it turned into an abcess and i couldnt swallow or eat anything for a week or so before i finally went to springfield and had to have immediate surgery. And also a separate time,i had stepped on a nail stuck to a board and had went to the hospital,needing a tetanus shot, im also limping in pain i could hardly put pressure on that foot, i get there and i'm waiting in the room and a cop walks in asking if i could give them a urine sample? What in the heck does my urine have anything to do with that matter?! I didnt even ask for any pain medication, just a tetanus shot. Eventhough i was in pain, they didnt even offer me ibuprofen. Alll ive dealt with from this hospital was horrible care, and i have medical card so im not sure if this has anything to do with it,but im sure it does since this hospital acts like it runs like a Business and judges everybody who goes there, and for some reason cops are always up there.. Lincoln hospital is a JOKE. (a month ago)

I was completely blown off by the ER dr. I was having excruciating pain in my left shoulder area. I was actually crying. I cldnt move it. No injuries. I have a Porta-cath for vein access because of a rare syndrome I have (need bloodwork and electrolytes often). I had to go to another hospital because I was discharged from here and told there was nothing wrong & no reason for the pain. It hurt to even breathe because it moved my sternum and shoulder area. I went to Decatur Memorial thankfully and the ER dr there took it very seriously. Longer story short...they did blood cultures that rapidly grew (bacterial infection in my blood). I started running a high fever & they also discovered the pain in my left sternum & shoulder area was from that same infection settling into a joint. It had to be asperated 3 times & I finally had to have surgery to clean all the infection out. It was spreading. I had to undergo several tests (one was a scope down my throat) to make sure the infection didn't spread to my heart (this cld have happened easily since my port, blood, and sternum area were all infected). Very serious situation that was blown off (rudely) by Abraham Lincoln Memorial. I was in the hospital for 4 weeks & had to be on IV antibiotics for 6 more weeks after discharge. I can't describe how painful this experience was or how sick I got. Miserable to say the very, very least. I was ICU, then the heart floor, then orthopedics. I was treated very well at Decatur Memorial & their infectious disease dr is top notch. Don't waste your time here. (8 months ago)

Very dissatisfied on the harassment of phone calls, a guy showing up at my work and my home threatening to take me to court over a bill I was trying to pay. My appendix ruptured and I was transferred to Springfield Il due to Lincoln hospital not able to help me. I was in and out of the hospital from February to May due to this. I got very sick so I had a lot of bills I was trying to pay on. This hospital was absolutely horrible to try to work with me on a payment plan. I have taken my kids here for several years as well as recommended it. Not since this type of treatment. I have NEVER had such a horrible experience w the billing. I will NEVER go back. *******Thank you for your response. Unfortunately I have contacted you directly and you stated there is nothing you can do once you have handed the account over to your vultures. Luckily the Springfield Hospitals have been so much nicer with working with me. I don't wish this experience on my worst enemy that I have had to go through with your billing processes. It's very unfortunate that you choose a company to harass a patient that is trying to pay ALL the medical bills from an unexpected situation. You are not the only company getting paid. You are the only company choosing to do business as you are. (11 months ago)

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