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Abington Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Montgomery County, PA.

Abington Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Abington Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I was in AMH's ER for 11 hours. Although it was decided that I would be “admitted” into the hospital, I was never moved from the ER and remained on one of the ER gurneys for the 11 hours. During this prolonged period, I saw the supervising physician at most twice and not after all of the tests were completed. The nurse was very attentive. If it were not for my internist who happened to be on hospital rounds in the afternoon, I would have remained longer. She took charge, reviewed the test results, and decided that I should be discharged. Given other constructive, but critical reviews, this review may likely result in a formulaic response from the hospital. Perhaps all of the mergers have caused this hospital to lose its way. Bigger is not always better. (a month ago)

This hospital has gone downhill and fast!!! They cannot keep up with the patient demand. They have Acute issues waiting hours in the emergency waiting area. They treat patients as if they are an inconvenience rather than with compassion. People don't want to be in the hospital or in pain! If it wasn't urgent why the heck would people go their. It's easier calling an ambulance to be seen in the ER. Otherwise take a number they will call your number and you can put your order in....pathetic!!!! You cannot get away with treating people that way!!!! (2 months ago)

** UPDATE 5/10/18: I had to go again for the same issue and this time I went at 12:30 am. I was home by 5 am. The staff were all so nice. Apologetic for my wait, even though I was brought back very soon after I arrived. I slept when I wasn't being seen. Literally every single staff member was so nice. If I ever have to go again, and hopefully I don't, I will go at midnight again. I am only raising it to 3 stars because my first time there was SO bad. If it wasn't for that, I'd have given it 5 stars. I shouldn't have to go at midnight to be treated this well. I understand the wait. But a 4+ hour wait then given attitude when I ask how much longer is absurd. I am in the ER for a reason. For an emergency. But anyway, this last experience was awesome! Literally the worst ER I've ever experienced. I went in at 6 on and finally left at 10:30. Absolutely rediculous. My mom called and they told her I was triaged when I was never even seen by anyone except for the girl at the desk. I was checked in but never got my insurance info or seen by a doctor. When I asked the girl how long the waited be she got nasty with me. I did give her attitude first but I feel like in that profession kindness goes a long way. Did not care about my situation at all which make me feel like I was a scumbag just trying to get free drugs or something. (2 months ago)

Oh my! At 5:15 my 96 year old mother came to the ER. She has a broken rib and is a great deal of pain. The doctor said she would be getting an IV , some water and food once she got to a room. Finally a little after 10 they said she had a room on the third floor, unhooked the monitor and we haven’t seen anyone since! It is now 1:06am, we are still in the ER. She has not had so much as a sip of water,(her last fluids were at home when she had lunch at 1:30), no pain meds have been given. We are SO disappointed in her care here! Wow! We just had a wonderful doctor come in and really helped my mom immediately! Many thanks to Dr. Kathleen Faccio and Mike, you are a God send (3 weeks ago)

Worst hospital stay in my experience. I went into the ER for acute lower back pain after 2 back surgeries. Once I was omitted the entire plan of action changed and was left in a room in extreme pain. I agreed to stay because the initial plan of action seemed logical. I will never return to this hospital and I will be sure to let my family and friends know about my awful experience. Shame on you Abington Hospital! (a week ago)

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