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6250 HWY 83/84, ABILENE, TX 79606
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6250 HWY 83/84

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Abilene Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Taylor County, TX.

Abilene Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Abilene Regional Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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There seems to be a city battle between hospitals. I've had great care at Abilene regional hospital or Hendrick hospital. There is an on going issue with billing. Many hospitals and clinics say they accept all sorts of insurance policies, but what the insurance pays for maybe 2 separate issues. I would recommend asking your doctor if the procedure they are getting ready to perform will be accepted or paid for by your insurance policy or whether or not you need to seek a second opinion. There is a derogatory communication between staff members and the hospital which they work, I guarantee that same issue exist within all 3 major hospitals in the area. You will still recieve great medical care here from MRI, to an injection. All these personal have their medical licenses and credentials on the line, don't think for a second they are not giving you their best. There are awesome people at Abilene regional hospital who want to make a difference in your life by making you better. The hospital has a very large facility with many open offices 40-60 vacancy. How and why the owners of Abilene regional hospital is not utilizing full resources is none of my business. From a personal perspective the management of the hospital needs an overhaul but the people who work there, can bring you an awesome experience. (in the last week)

This is ICU during the busy time. Notice no one comes here. There is a reason for that.... This feels like a hospital on the verge of closing. What's the deal? Don't be fooled by the nice exterior of the building the inside is really not that nice. The care is less than mediocre. If there's any way you could go to some other hospital I would strongly recommend it. (2 months ago)

I overheard a nurse and a patients family members discussing “blacks” and how horrible it is to treat us. I overheard my anesthesiologist telling a nurse how upset he was to be at work, because it as supposed to be his day off. Also, I did not see my surgeon after surgery and wasn’t even told when my follow up appointment would be, just told to check the paperwork. When I asked about how it went, I was told my surgeon was like a “ghost” and disappeared right after surgeries. I understand that, but the way it was conveyed was terrible. When I awoke from surgery alone and still groggy, I was immediately told to go ahead and put my clothes on, and that I needed to text me ride to come get me. My husband, was really busy at work at the time and was on his way, but never in my life have I felt pushed out of a care facility. I’ve had 7 surgeries and this experience was by far the worst one. (a week ago)

My wife recently gave birth here on the 23rd of December. Dr. Garner was our doctor and she is amazing as well as all of the nurses that helped us. Everyone was especially helpful and seemed to be all smiles even though they were working on Christmas Eve to take care of my wife. Thanks everyone I greatly appreciate you!! (5 months ago)

Oh where to begin. I will not go back here! Went in for a CT Scan, 5 min procedure. My Ins. was chg $12800.85, was given a miss diagnosis. Apparently was given someone else's Scan. They still want more money! We are being ripped off by this Country's Healthcare!!! (a month ago)

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